Nightlife Guide for Nopparat Thara Beach in Krabi

Nopparat Thara isn’t a happening nightlife spot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a great night out here. A nice meal of seafood accompanied by some music is a typical night out. Mellow and laid-back, Nopparat Thara Beach knows it doesn’t have to show off; it’s perfect as it is, a great destination for some beautiful sand, water, and weather.

For a more unusual nighttime activity, try attending a Muay Thai boxing match.

Visit the Luna Beach Bar or Hippies Bar

These two venues are the best places to go for some live music, drinks, and food on a night out. Luna Beach Bar is located right on the beach and is the livelier of the two. With music and dancing, Luna is the spot to choose if you are looking for a party atmosphere. There’s a girlie bar next door, and Luna keeps later hours, opening at 5 p.m.

Hippies Bar is also a good spot for a night out, but it’s milder and more laid-back. It opens at noon and generally stays open until the crowd really dies down. There’s live music here several times a week and you can really enjoy a drink and relax here. It is located a little way from the beach on Central Beach Road.

Raja II Boxing Stadium

This Muay Thai boxing ring is one of the biggest in south Thailand. Every Monday and Friday, the stadium offers visitors the chance to watch a Muay Thai bout between two great fighters, often for quite a sum of money. You can get a drink as you watch the fights, which often last late into the night. The stadium usually opens at 9 p.m. with some more minor fights.

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