The 7 Best Krabi Tours

Krabi offers amazing activities, in part thanks to its growing popularity, but it still has many totally unspoiled and private beaches and jungles, including nature reserves. With lots of different tours appealing to a range of interests, Krabi has some of the best options for exploration and fun in Thailand.

Here are some of the great tours you can check out in Krabi:

1. Explore the islands by boat

Take an island-exploring tour around the area to really get a good feel for all that Krabi has to offer. From Phra Nang beach’s Princess Cave to swimming all around, these tours are led by knowledgeable local guides.

2. Krabi City Tour

A tour of Krabi will give you a glimpse into Thai life and will leave you with more knowledge and more ideas than if you just wander on your own. You can explore the Tiger Cave Temple, have some good restaurants pointed out to you, or visit a beach like Nopparat Tara.

3. Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island and the surrounding islands are renowned as some of the most beautiful islands in Southern Thailand. Explore the jungles, lay on the beach, or just take a boat around the area. The islands are like a tropical paradise, so bring your camera.

4. Visit Hong Island by Speedboat

Hire a guide to take you on a speedboat tour to Hong Island. The island has a beautiful lagoon, limestone cliffs, and, unsurprisingly, the white beaches that Krabi has in abundance.

5. Elephant Hills Safari Overnight Tours

This is an extended, and therefore more expensive, tour that lasts two days and one night. You will camp out in the forest and can take part in a variety of activities, from elephant trekking to canoeing. There’s plenty to do and no need to be an expert on these tours, and since they last a couple of days you’ll get a better feel for the tropical world than you will just spending an hour in the forest.

6. Elephant Trekking in Klong Talen

Ride an elephant and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience when you join this tour through the Thai jungle. You can choose elephant trekking alone for your tour, but there is also a combination canoeing, hiking, and trekking tour to give you a full day of fun.

7. Thai Cooking Class

Take a Thai cooking class. You’ll gain great new skills, meet friends, and taste some wonderful dishes. Thai cuisine strikes a fine balance between sweet sour, sweet and spicy. Classes are usually small and taught by expert chefs.

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