Best Places to Shop in Krabi

Krabi Province isn’t a top shopping destination, but there are some nice shops and little boutiques around the area that will satisfy your need to spend. The offerings are increasingly diverse and are suitable for a variety of budgets.

Here are some of the best locations to shop in Krabi:

1. Krabi City

As might be expected, Krabi Town has some great shopping options that sell a variety of goods from higher-end labels to good quality but reasonably priced items. From clothes to souvenirs to hardware supplies, Krabi Town probably has what you need for your trip as well as what you want to take home. There are also cafes and restaurants around to fuel your shopping expedition.

2. Krabi Markets

Krabi’s wet markets are little roadside shops, stands, and sometimes vehicles where you can buy fruits, vegetables, and other goods from locals. You never know what you might find, so try a new food and meet some of the locals.

3. Railay Beach

Railay Beach is a good shopping destination for anyone who likes eclectic shops and even more eclectic goods. There are many second-hand and handmade goods sold around here, mostly in Railay East. With various little restaurants and cafes, this area is diverse and there is a new shopping zone by one of the resorts. You will also have the opportunity to pick up beach supplies and normal household goods here.

4. Krabi Airport

The Airport Road in Krabi, not far from Krabi Town, also offers a good selection of shops. Including both retail and grocery stores, there are is a selection of shops that will meet a variety of needs. You can find electronics here as well as clothes, household goods, and sports items. Check out Outlet Village for good selections and nice deals.

5. Ao Nang City

Ao Nang’s shops are all along one strip of road. Here you can find some interesting clothing shops that sell nice shirts and dress as well as beachwear like sandals and T-shirts. There are jewelry stores and places to pick up a snack or some souvenirs as well.

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