7 Awesome Things to See at Ao Nang

The beaches at Ao Nang are some of the most beautiful in south Thailand and there are plenty of activities around these areas to keep you busy during your stay. Explore the gorgeous environment and have some great adventures amidst lush jungle, warm sands, and crystal blue water.

1. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is huge business all around Thailand’s islands and is a great way to experience the beautiful waters around Ao Nang. The reefs and lovely marine life make for wonderful dives. Tours are available that can last just a few hours or all day, depending on what you want. They include boat trips and all the necessary equipment as well as an experienced guide. It usually takes less than forty minutes to arrive at a suitable spot, and Ao Nang can satisfy both new and experienced divers.

2. Shell Cemetery in Krabi

The Shell Cemetery in Krabi, also called Susan Hoi, is the site of amazing petrified shells and marine life. Millions of years old, that offers an incredible look into the past. Anyone interested in geology, or just cool, unusual sights, should visit the cemetery and check out this unique spot, one of just a few in the entire world.

3. The Phallus Shrine

Located inside Phra Nang Cave, this is a shrine where fishermen go before heading out on a trip. It’s believed that a sea princess lives in the cave who protects the fishermen from storms and other dangers and ensures them a lucky catch. An array of phallic symbols mark the offerings areas, all meant for the Phallus of Shiva. This is a fascinating archaeological site anyone can check out on Ao Nang.

4. Beaches at Railay

Railay has several great beaches that are only reached by boat. The most popular are Railay East / Railay West, but Phra Nang and Tonsai are also great locations. The beaches are some of the best in southern Thailand, with lovely beaches of soft sand in a great environment that includes cliffs and rock formations.

5. Tree Top Krabi Adventure Park

This is an awesome adventure that you will long remember. Rope bridges, zip lines, and swings are just some of the awesome equipment that will let you explore the tree tops in the Ao Luek District, which is about forty kilometers away. This adventure is safe, fun, and environmentally friendly.

6. Nopparat Thara Mangrove Tour

Touring a mangrove forest will allow you to really take in some of the wonders of Krabi’s natural environment. It is one of these spectacular opportunities, taking you through the mangrove forest in a boat or kayak. Fish and other marine creatures, birds, lush forest – you can spot all of these sights on one of these impressive tours.

7. Raja Two (Boxing Stadium)

The Raja Two Boxing Stadium lets you see some extremely talented Muay Thai boxers in a great venue. Fights are held every Monday and Friday. These skilled fighters are absolutely amazing and some of them are world-class athletes. With drinks being sold during the fights, visiting the boxing stadium can make for a complete and very fun night out. Fights generally start with more junior performers around 9 p.m. and last long into the evening.

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