3 Fun Things To Do at Ao Nang

There are many activities in Ao Nang. Thanks to the rich forest, beautiful water, and great beaches, you’re just a walk or a boat ride away from some fun and adventurous activities.

Tour the Jungle

The lush forests of Krabi are just a short walk away from Ao Nang. In less than ten minutes you can be well on your way to discovering hidden caves and coves, hearing tropical birds, and spotting romantic waterfalls. Whether you just want to take in the sights or be more active by kayaking, boating, or even elephant riding around, the jungle is a great place to explore.

You can go on your own or elect to go for an organized tour. Either way, you’ll see some amazing sights.

Explore the Beaches and Island Hop

Not far from Ao Nang are some of the best of Krabi’s beaches. Whether you’re looking for an active beach or a quiet corner, you can find it here. There are wonderfully private beaches as well as more well-visited areas and they all have soft sands and great access to the water. Friendly local guides will be more than willing to take you island hopping, so hire a boat or rent one for yourself and set off in search of the perfect beach.

Get a Massage

Massages in Ao Nang are widely available. The best are the traditional Thai massages that are provided right on the beach out of small huts by local practitioners. Relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy a luxurious massage while you feel the sun and listen to the waves. In addition to massages, the experts of Ao Nang also offer skin treatments that include old herbal recipes and therapeutic oils.

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