Hua Hin

3 Awesome Activities for Hua Hin Beach

While rest and relaxation are the main attraction on Hua Hin’s white sandy beaches, there is plenty more to do.

Here are 3 activities for those who are ready to get off the beach blanket.


Thanks to a strong breeze and flat, shallow water, Hua Hin’s beach offers some of the best kitesurfing in Thailand, if no Asia. For those who want instruction, there are many schools that offer classes. Most last for three days.

Ride a Horse

Hua Hin is one of the few Thai beaches that allows horseback riding. Ponies are available for children and horses for adults. The animals are generally tame and trained to accommodate visitors.


Hua Hin’s beach is good for all kinds of water sports: windsurfing, sailing, water skiing, parasailing and banana boat rides. Though snorkelers and divers will find a sandy bottom off Hua Hin, excursions to more fertile waters can be arranged. Stay away from the jet skis, though, which have reportedly been at the center of some local scams.

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