Hua Hin

Nightlife Guide for Cha-Am Beach in Hua Hin

There is much to do after dark in Cha-Am Hua Hin.

But this is not Bangkok. Cha-Am draws couples and families, and the nightlife is more subdued than in other parts of Thailand.

Still, for those who want to relax with a drink, there are a great many options. Here are 7 places to visit in Cha-Am after dark:

The Dee Lek Bar

One of Cha-Am’s more popular places, The Dee Lek Bar is well occupied almost every night of the week. Both the staff and the regulars are friendly.

Baan Chang

Attracting a crowd of regulars, Baan Change is friendly enough that you can visit alone and expect to make some good conversation. Of course, you can also humiliate yourself with karaoke or listen to the live band. The prices are also right, with a bottle of Singha going for 90 baht.

@ Black

The relatively new bar at the Sheraton hides behind a massive padded black door. But inside is reminiscent of the legendary Studio 54, with lighted pillars, a large cylindrical chandelier—even beds in the corners.

The Blarney Stone

You may not come to Thailand to experience an Irish pub, but here the owner is happy to share his knowledge of the area with travelers over a bottle or a draft. It’s an opportunity to chat with a local.

Rasta Tattoo

Come for the drinks. Or the skin art. Or the collection of sci-fi movie statues. This may be the most unique bar in town, and it is a functioning tattoo parlor.

Vers Bakkie Koffee

This place has an impressive drinks menu—for a coffee bar. The staff is friendly and the prices are reasonable.

Soi Bus Stop

Named for the part of town where locals used to catch the bus to Bangkok, Soi Bus Stop is about as close as you can get to rowdy in this town. And it won’t rival other parts of Thailand. Located in south Cha-Am, there are several bars to choose from.

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