Chiang Mai

Quick Nightlife Guide for Riverside in Chiang Mai

Nightlife is easy in Riverside, with a variety of bars and a great live music scene.

Whether you bring a bottle of your favorite spirits—completely acceptable here—or sample the local cocktails, you won’t be disappointed.

Here are 3 great places to visit after dark in Riverside.

Bus Bar

An outdoor facility with a lively scene, the center of the Bus Bar is exactly that: a double-decker bus, serving cocktails and beer. The music is a hodgepodge, but the pace is fun (though there are better places to eat).


A place to go for those who like the heavier side of music, with Stones, Hendrix and Markey tunes played live. Set on a terrace by the river, the bar starts with acoustic sets in the early evening before the hard stuff breaks out later.

The Good View

Set by the River Ping with—you guessed it—a stunning view, this place is an institution in Chiang Mai, thanks to a great house band and a menu featuring Thai, Japanese and International dishes at reasonable prices. Sit inside or out.

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