Chiang Mai

Best Places to Shop in Chiang Mai’s Night Bazarre

Shopping is the main event in the Night Bazarre and there are stalls selling just about everything, from Thai silk and spices to furniture and jewelry.

The prices are reasonable and ask for what you want. Not everything is always on display.

While the Night Bazarre is great for strolling and exploring, here are seven great places to shop:

Karen Silver

This shop features beads and silver jewelry created by the Karen Hill Tribe.

Nature and Life

This shop offers classic cotton and hemp clothing, and lots of it. Plan to spend some time looking through racks and baskets.

The Plaza

The Plaza is five floors packed with boutiques and kiosks dedicated to handicrafts, jewelry, clothing and furniture. This is a more sophisticated venue, with set prices and receipts, and it serves as a stark contrast to much of the rest of the Bazarre.


A quaint shop packed with curios, from antique jewelry to flags and sketches. It is interesting just to look.

Wongs Graysoy

Wongs Graysoy offers expensive art and sculpture in a gallery setting.

Op Place

Op Place offers stalls packed with local handicrafts in an open and airy setting.

Pantip Plaza

Technology geeks and others looking for computers, software, video and techy equipment will enjoy Pantip Plaza, which is known across the region as a place to go for all things technical. Name brands like Sony and Acer are on hand.

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