Chiang Mai

3 Must See Attractions in Chiang Mai’s Night Bazarre

While the main attraction of Chiang Mae City’s Night Bazarre is the bizarre itself, with its buzz and bustle, there are some cultural attractions to be found.

Here are 3 top attractions, for those who want more than street food and shopping:

Buddhist Association

Chiang Mai is the religious center of Northern Thailand and the Buddhist Association of Chiang Mai holds a number of ceremonies and functions. It also serves as a Buddhist youth club. And if you happen to be in town during the Wan Phra religious holiday, talks and lectures are offered.

Wat Chang Kong

Built by villagers centuries ago, this abandoned Thai pagoda (cheti) now sits amid shops and homes.

Ban Haw Mosque

Built in the 19th Century by Chin Ho Chinese from Yunnan, Yunnanese is still spoken here and Chinese symbols are still part of the décor. It is the largest of the area’s 12 mosques.

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