Chiang Mai

The Best Shopping in Chiang Mai City

As a handicrafts hotspot, Chiang Mai City is a great place for shoppers to wander and allow serendipity to catch hold. You are sure to find some gems while often paying the lowest prices found in Thailand.

For those who want to leave a bit less to chance, here are 7 great places to shop in Chiang Mai City:

Mengrai Kilns

Founded more than 40 years ago, this is Chiang Mai City’s premiere destination for fine pottery and stoneware, including bowls, vases and decorative pieces. Credit cards are not accepted but personal checks are.

Thai Tribal Crafts

Featuring unique products produced by the six major hill tribes in Northern Thailand, Thai Tribal Crafts also functions as a pair trading organization. Visitors will find clothing, instruments, bags and decorative items.


A small but funky shop featuring one-of-a-kind pieces by designer Warin Inthayot.

Aprhiradee Shop

Aprhiradee Shop features women’s jackets, skirts and floral dresses made of cotton and Thai silk.

Phalita Décor

A quaint boutique featuring Thai furniture, art and decorative items—absolutely beautiful stuff.

The House

A cheery and engaging place to shop, The House offers Thai furniture and clothing and colorful cookware made by Ginger, a Thai company.

Kaber and Rich Vintage Stores

Yes, Chiang Mai City’s two best vintages stores are right next to each other. Rich is focused more on women and specializes in shoes. It’s a place to rummage. Kaber caters to men and women, with a specialty in denim.

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