Chiang Mai

Nightlife Guide for Chiang Mai City

For those looking for entertainment after hours, Chiang Mai City has a diverse range of options, from manic to mellow. Here are 7 great places to try after dark:

John’s Place

A favorite of both locals and expats, the rooftop bar is a place where you can talk without having to shout over the music.

North Gate Jazz Co-Op

What this place lacks in ambiance it makes up for in talent, hosting a non-stop roster of hot live musicians playing authentic jazz. Expect two bands a night and a jam on Tuesdays.

Monkey Club

One of the most popular spots in Chiang Mai, the Monkey Club features both an outdoor terrace with live music and an indoor dance club. It is popular with Thai university students.

Bar Shaky

Home to the best collection of vinyl in the city, it’s a great place to lay back and enjoy the music.

Spicy Nightclub

Spicy Nightclub has a rather mundane claim to fame: it is the last place to close in Chiang Mai. Arrive before midnight and you’ll find an empty club. But after everyplace else closes, it will fill up with a diverse crowd who come to keep the party going with pounding dance music.

Loi Kroh Go-Go Strip

Out the Tha Pae gate en route to the Night Bazarre are a collection of loud go-go bars, with girls outside beckoning customers. For something more laid back, try the Foxy Lady A Go Go.

C.M. Entertainment Complex

With the giant red neon sign proclaiming “Free Show,” the C.M. Entertainment Complex is entirely dedicated to adult entertainment, with more than 30 girlie bars; a Muay Thai martial arts stadium, with free shows most nights; and a cabaret. The music is pumping and the drinks are flowing. This is not a family destination.

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