5 Best Bars at Khao San Road in Bangkok

Khao San Road has a very active nightlife that includes regular dining venues as well as fun dance clubs and plenty of pubs and bars. Music is pretty much ubiquitous and every evening you can find a venue that caters to your tastes. Bring your friends or meet some new ones at one of the numerous nightlife spots located here.

Brick Bar

The Brick Bar is named for its sturdy walls. This dark bar has a major focus on music. The performers here create and cover a wide variety of music, including blues. Lots of Thais enjoy a night out here. Brick Bar is located on not far from the Buddy Lodge building. It is open from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m.


Shamrock is an Irish pub that plays modern alternative music bands, mainly in English. As you might expect, there is plenty of beer to go around and the friendly and loud atmosphere is enjoyed by both visitors from abroad and Thais. Shamrock is air-conditioned, an added plus. It is located in Khao San Center and is open from noon to 1 a.m.

Cinnamon Bar

Cinnamon Bar is an up-and-coming venue that is a little bit hidden in Soi Rambuttri. This bar is stylish and modern, with an atmosphere and character all its own. Patrons here enjoy great cocktails before heading to the dance floor.

Hippie de Bar

Hippie de Bar is not as well-known as it deserves to be. It is a hip venue that has its own offbeat vibe. It is quite artistic and eclectic inside while outside you can hang out in the courtyard. It is popular with backpackers and the more relaxed crowd. They serve good Thai food and are open until 1 a.m.


Gulliver’s is a casual bar that’s great for dancing, pool, and simply watching a sports match on TV. It has a European feeling that is almost pub-like, but it gets livelier later in the evening, when the dancing and music really get started. This bar is open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

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