7 Best Shopping Spots in Bangkok

If you’re looking for the hottest shopping locations in Bangkok to get a real taste of what real shopping is in the Land of Smiles, then you are in luck. These are 7 must see spots in Bangkok where you can “shop until you drop”:

China Town

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, there always seems to be an historic China Town to explore and shop in. Bangkok’s China Town is especially beautiful with stunning temples, traditional medicine shops, market stalls brimming with doo-dads and electronics, and just about whatever your heart desires. A feast for the eyes (and the stomach), once you cross over Chakraphek Road into China Town, you’ll be wandering for hours on end.

Bangkok Flower Market

Just south of the Temple of the Reclining Buddah, perched on a river pier lies Bangkok’s most expansive retail and wholesale flower market. Sold in bundles of 50 or 100 flowers, if you’ve come to Thailand for a wedding or a group event, the Bangkok Flower Market should be your first stop. The floral varieties are dizzying and the market itself has a long history of serving the public and royal family.


A truly unique Bangkok shopping experience. A quick ten minutes from the Saphan Taksin BTS station, this fanciful night bazaar and upscale shopping mall will keep you entertained throughout the evening. Enjoy perusing more than 1,500 shops and boutiques, and when you feel hungry, you have more than 40 different restaurants to sate your appetite. There is no need to leave once the shopping is done, stay a while and enjoy a few cocktails at a colorful Ladyboy show!

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Want to take a weekend break from all the sightseeing? Come down to the Chatuchak Weekend Market, a Bangkok institution with patrons from all across Thailand and around the world. Make some room in those suitcases, because with more than 8,000 market stalls, you’re bound to come back with an armful of goodies. There is always a bargain to be made, and expert negotiating skills will net you the best finds!

Bangkok’s Legendary Shopping Malls

Bangkok has all the high-end or budget boosting, air conditioned shopping you can handle. Home to one of the highest number of malls in Asia, visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to Bangkok shopping malls. From the legendary bargains at MBK Mall to Paragon and Terminal 21, there is a mall for everyone, on every budget.

Pratanum District

Known to the locals as the ‘bulk district’ you have to have some shopping savvy to ensure you don’t get taken by merchants. You’ll find everything from tailors, shoes, copied designer dresses and handicrafts here, and the more you buy, the better the deal. If you’ve come to Thailand for something specific, try to buy it in bulk, you’ll be shocked at how low you can go!

Food Markets

Thailand is a foodie’s fantasy. Complex flavor profiles, fresh ingredients and spices you never imagined existed; one of the most exciting things to do is take a wander through one of Bangkok’s many food markets. Most of the good ones are located on the fringes of town, away from the hustle and bustle, but they’re well worth the trek…and be sure to bring your camera for food photo ops!

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