7 Best Bangkok Dining Experiences for 2014

There are a 1001 and one reasons to spend your vacation in Bangkok, Thailand, but if food isn’t one of them, you are missing out! Bangkok is home not only to the finest Thai food in the world, but it’s hugely diverse population means that cultures from around the globe have come here to bring their own unique cuisine. In a city with literally hundreds of thousands of restaurants, cafes and eateries, how does one decide? Here are 7 of the top rated restaurants in Bangkok to guide you:

Dine Riverside at Steve Cafe

Why waste a good meal dining inside? Bangkok is an outdoor city, and the  Steve Café invites you to enjoy serene views and a delectable meal. If you are after truly traditional Thai food, without the influence of the western palate, this is the restaurant for you. Unlike North American cuisine, absolutely nothing on the menu is cooked ahead of time, which means the ingredients are as fresh as you can get, and the wait times can be a touch long. But if fresh, traditional Thai is what you want, enjoy the river views, and know the wait is worth it.

Zuma at the St. Regis

The St. Regis has long been known for its prestige, and pomp and circumstance, but it’s all part of the lavish experience. Zuma takes you on a trip through Japan’s myriad culinary styles with a shrewd focus on robata, delicious cuts of grilled, beef, lamb and fresh seafood. In keeping with Japanese tradition, patrons have the opportunity to converse with perfect strangers while sitting at communal cooking tables. There is of course, sushi on the menu, and if you are dining in a group, Izakaya style is the perfect way for all of your guests to try something different.

Eating Italian at Enoteca

If you’ve yet to make it to Italy, you can cheat a little by dining at Bangkok’s most popular and probably most beloved Italian establishment. It is a well known fact that the best eateries are hidden away from the masses and Enoteca Italiana’s, secretive locale, cozy decor and to-die-for food is one of the many reasons the locals (and travelers) keep coming back. With that in mind, because of it’s popularity, especially in the high season, you’ll want to give them a ring a day or two in advance.

Opulent Dining at Sra Bua Restaurant

A true foodie knows that food is far more than a bunch of ingredients whipped into a meal, it’s representative of imagination, determination and ultimately, a work of art. With Henrik Yde-Andersen at the helm of this fine dining establishment, he brings his Michelin-starred flair to Bangkok creating some of the most sophisticated looking (and tasting) dishes you have ever seen. With a menu that constantly changes, dishes are the perfect blend of traditional Thai favorites and modern culinary techniques. Located in the Siam Kempinski Hotel, the opulent restaurant decor is as impressive as the menu itself.

Dining at an Iron Chef’s Table at the Whale’s Belly

Inspired by the folk character of Pinocchio, the Whale’s Belly is the pride and joy of an Thai Iron Chef Winner. A refreshing mocktail is served to each and every patron as a welcome, and a bright, nautical themed dining room awaits you. Keeping true to its theme, the restaurant itself is constructed of whale bones, and playful touches like the hook of Peter Pan’s Captain Hook and the ‘Heart of the Ocean’ themed necklace from Titanic make the ambiance fun and funky. The menu is brimming with seafood favorites, with a signature a la carte menu centered on Tuna’ the chef’s most beloved ingredient. You will find Whale’s Belly at Sukhumvit Soi 39.

Seven Spoons

Located at the intersection of Chakkrapatipong Road and Lan Luang Road, you may want to find this little gem on foot if you’re located nearby. You know a restaurant is good when it’s frequented mostly by the locals. Seven Spoons has fantastic reputation as one of the top restaurants in all of Bangkok. With Mediterranean inspired cuisine, and vegetarian fare that will impress even the most shrewd of foodies, the quiet locale, and overtly knowledgable staff make this restaurant a great option for visitors looking for something different.

Le Du Restaurant

If there was ever a restaurant to experience for both lunch and dinner, Le Du Restaurant would definitely be the place to do it. The backstory to this popular eatery is as charming as the menu. The product of a successful three-way friendship and partnership, Le Du’s pedigree includes an American trained Michelin Star Chef and certified sommelier. The cuisine is blend of Thai, American and other East Asian dishes. The prices are surprisingly affordable for the level of dining, the wine list is generous and the experience, well, you can’t put a price tag on that can you!


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