Want To Meet Ladyboys? Here’s How You Can Maximize Your Online Dating Success

Want To Meet Thai Ladyboys Online

Since online dating is the best place to meet sexy Thai ladyboys (Click here to learn more!), we’re going to talk about a few ways for you to supercharge your Internet dating success in Thailand.

Each of these tips is easy to do and will have an amazing impact on how many responses you get from the ladyboys you’re messaging.

1- Looks

Whether you like it or not, looks do play a big role in dating. While you don’t have to be Brad Pitt, you do need to appear as attractive as you possibly can.

The easiest way to do this is to simply be in-shape. You don’t need to lift weights five times a day or become a bodybuilder, but you should have a decent physique.

Personally, I’m not the biggest guy on Earth, but I do workout regularly. Simply being “not a fatass” has helped my dating success exponentially.

If you aren’t exercising already you might want to start. You don’t have to do anything that fancy either. Push ups, jumping jacks, and going for a walk every day can do wonders for your appearance.

Additionally, you will want to get a friend to take some pictures of you for your dating site profile. You’ll want three to five pictures and I’d suggest using the following types of images:

1. Head shot – Just a classic close up of your face
2. Action pic – This is you doing something fun, like throwing a football or sailing a boat
3. Pet pic – In this one you should be playing with a pet like a dog or cat
4. Group shot or party shot – Show yourself out with some friend, proving you’re sociable guy
5. Isolation shot – This is just a picture of you posing against a nice backdrop like the beach or sunset

Having a handful or high-quality images will greatly improve you odds of getting responses from T-girls and setting up dates with them.

One last note about pictures: Whatever you do, don’t make a dating site without at least one picture of yourself on it. Profiles without pictures get virtually zero responses. In fact, many ladyboys explicitly write “No profile pic, no response” right in their personal bio.

2- Setting Up A Dating Profile

When you start up a new dating profile there are usually several areas that you have to fill out. On most sites these are the: personal bio, headline, and “what I’m looking for” sections. Do a good job with each one and you can double or even triple your response rate.

For the bio section you should write a little bit about yourself without going overboard. I’d recommend putting down 50 to 75 words (which is about two paragraphs) that introduce yourself. Don’t get too personal, just give a brief overview of who you are.

Here’s a good example bio (feel free to tweak it for your own use):


My name is Ray and I am a 25 year old man who loves adventure and is looking to meet cool new people.

I like dogs, hanging out with friends, and watching movies. Also, I hope you like to eat because I’m a great cook!

I can’t wait to hear from you and I think we’ll get along great.

– Ray

That’s a very simple profile but it tells enough without getting into an insane amount of depth. Additionally, it doesn’t contain any turn-offs like an overly sappy story or a long winded rant.

For your profile headline you should put something simple and straightforward. Here’s a profile headline that’s worked well for me:

“Cool Guy Looking To Meet Someone Special”

This is good because it isn’t too sappy or too aggressive (more on that in a minute). If the headline said “looking for my future wife to spend forever with” or “let’s fuck,” it would have turned a lot T-girls off.

Usually dating sites also contain a section where you write about the type of girl you are looking for. Like the profile headline or bio, you don’t want to get too detailed or too extreme.

For this section, just put something like:

“Someone cool and fun”

This is broad enough that most ladyboys can relate to it. Additionally, it contains two qualities that everyone wants to be: cool, and fun. As a result, a lot of T-girls will feel like they’re “your type” once they read this.

3- Don’t Be “Thirsty”

A lot of men sabotage their dating success by being weird. Essentially, they try to pretend like they are some hopeless romantic (think of the characters Michael Cera usually plays in movies) and end up coming across as creeps.

In Internet dating this is called “being thirsty.” And there are whole sites dedicated to the “thirsty” messages that men send women.

Here are some examples of “thirst” messages:

“I love your profile picture more than I love my family.”

“I would drag my ballsack through one mile of broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie.”

“You are the most gorgeous and precious angel who ever lived. Let’s get married.”

While there is nothing wrong with being nice or making a joke, using extreme self-deprecating humor or saying outlandish things right out of the gate is a huge turn off to most women and T-girls.

If ladyboy on a dating site does not know you, you’re better off sending her a “normal” message that doesn’t include ridiculous jokes or bizarre statements.

Never Go For “Over-Kill”

Like “thirsty” messages, being too aggressive can really cost you too. A good number of men try to be too sexual when they first start sending online messages.

It’s not uncommon for ladyboys to complain because they get messages like:

“Yo bitch, come suck this dick!”

“Damn you’re hot. Let’s fuck.”

“I’ll give you $20 to let me touch your cock.”

There’s a time and a place for getting sexual and it’s not in the first message that you send someone.

Messaging ladyboys with overly sexual and overly aggressive messages is dangerous for two reasons. 1) the girls will probably think you’re a creeper and not respond. 2) Most sites will banned users who send messages that they deem “inappropriate.”

In other words, if a girl complains about you there’s a good chance that you’ll be kicked off the site forever.

4- Know Some Local Words Or Phrases

If you are trying to meet ladyboys from Thailand, you will want to know a few of their local words and phrases.

Simply knowing how to say something like “Hello” in Thai can do wonders for your dating success.

Even if a T-girl speaks English, like a lot of ladyboys do, still pepper in a few bits of local dialogue. This shows them that you are taking an interest in their culture.

Here are a few useful things to know:

“I am from…”
“My name is…”

If you look these up (I usually type them into Google Translate) and add them to your profile or messages, you will have a much high response rate.


If you use the tips above, you can easily start scoring more dates off the Internet. I’ve been using these simple tactics for some time, and they’ve helped me pick-up countless ladyboys.

When you’re ready to skyrocket your dating success, just remember: use a good profile pic, write a nice personal bio about yourself, avoid sending weird messages, and know some local words or phrases.

Doing those four things will improve your love life considerably.

This is a guest post written by Ray from How to Date Ladyboys

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