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What Are The Best Beaches on Koh Lanta

With a feeling of privacy and seclusion but plenty of access to towns and modern conveniences, the western coast of Koh Lanta is a fifteen-mile long stretch of beaches and beautiful surroundings, not to mention some luxurious resorts.

Koh Lanta is less busy and crowded than other islands such as Phuket. As a result, there are many beaches for you to visit so you have a little section of your own paradise. Quiet beaches can be found even at the height of the winter tourist season.

One long road runs up and down the east coast and is connected by several other routes to the other main road on the western side of Koh Lanta. This western side is the more-visited one, partly thanks to the idyllic sunsets that can be seen from its superior beaches. The largest concentration of services from hotels to restaurants are also found on the western side.

The middle-west area of the island is the most popular with backpackers, while farther south are some more expensive accommodations and shopping areas, but there are also many nicely quiet beaches here. The most secluded and natural areas are at the far southern end of the island.

Here are 6 of the best beach areas on Koh Lanta:

Kantiang Bay

On your way south, Kantiang Bay is one of the last conveniently accessed beach areas; a little further on, the roads are less well done and there are fewer conveniences in general. Kantiang Bay is a very popular beach on Koh Lanta. Reefs exist on both sides of the bay, making it a good location for snorkeling. The beach itself is quite nice and there are several resorts, restaurants, and bars nearby.

Nui Beach, Ao Mai Pai and Ao Klong Jark

These three beaches are often empty, giving you the feeling that they are all your own. They are less smooth than other beaches, but this somewhat wilder environment has its own attractions. Ao Klong Jark is known for its waterfall and Nui Beach is admired for its seclusion.

Klong Dao Beach

Klong Dao beach has quiet water and smooth white sand, yet another perfect location for admiring beautiful sunsets over the sea. This beach is home of many resorts and hotels  — it is just over three kilometers from Baan Saladan – but has many wilder areas that feature great tropical plants and trees. The water around Klong Dao is suitable for snorkeling and fishing. Ferries can take you to Klong Dao from Baan Saladan in under fifteen minutes.

Klong Kong, Klong Tob, and Relax Bay

Klong Tob and Relax Bay are both small beaches with nice, secluded areas right near equally nice accommodation. Both have only a few resorts that do not interrupt long stretches of open beaches. Klong Kong is a larger beach and has many more accommodations, but many of these are not of an expensive resort nature and you can find good value here. This beach is not home to the soft white sands found elsewhere, but its rocky surface is a sign that good snorkeling lies just offshore. Many local Thai bars and restaurants can be found here, so enjoy a drink along with a view of the crystal water.

Phra Ae Beach (Long Beach)

Phrae Ae Bach is not the place to go for seclusion, but it’s the perfect beach to visit for a livelier atmosphere. Located a little ways south of Klong Dao Beach, Phrae Ae Beach isn’t a true party beach like you may find elsewhere in Thailand, but it does have more of a nightlife than other beaches near Koh Lanta. There are plenty of accommodations nearby, ranging from big hotels to little rentable huts.

Klong Hin / Klong Nin

Klong Nin / Klong Hin are two white, sandy beaches right next to Klong Tob. Calm waters invite swimmers while the manmade structures off nice spots to eat, drink, and rest. A bit more Western than Thai, this area has plenty of shops and services, from medical care to banking. Klong Hin / Klong Nin are both good beaches to enjoy some sun and swim while keeping conveniences near at hand.

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