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How to Travel Around at Ao Nang

While strolling is easy and welcomed on Ao Nang, sometimes you will want to avoid the sun or get to your destination a little faster, and in these cases a bus, motorbike, or longtail boat may be the way to go.

Longtail Boat Taxis

Longtail Boat Taxis are just what you need for a good day of island hopping. The islands of Koh Poda, Koh Gai, and Koh Tup are the nearest to Ao Nang, but longtail boats are adequate for destinations further out as well. You’ll be able to find a longtail boat taxi by inquiring at the ticket booth beside the Phra Nang Inn, which is not far from the beach road. It’s cheaper to travel by day than by night, but both are common and possible.

Boat owners will often wait to fill their taxi before they are willing to start the journey. You may be able to convince them by offering extra money or postponing your trip a little, but hopefully you will not face too much trouble. These taxis are sometimes the only way to reach a beach or island.

Samlor Motorbike

A samlor motorbike has a sidecar that can fit several passengers at a time. They are very common and travel continually around Ao Nang. You can hail a driver at any point; just stand near the road and wait for an empty driver who is willing to engage with you. These motorbikes are a great way to get to where you’re going a little faster without too much expense.

Songtaew Bus

A Songtaew bus or taxi is what you need to travel a longer distance around Ao Nang. These pickup trucks have been converted to taxis by the addition of two covered benches placed in the truck bed. Songtaew buses are a major method of public transportation between the towns and you will see them quite frequently during your visit. Fares vary but are almost always charged per individual passenger. To catch a ride, simply flag down a driver who seems to have space available.

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