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Everything You Need to Know About Visas in Thailand

Attaining the correct Thai Visa can be very difficult. We know this and have provided easy to understand information regarding Visas in Thailand.

How to Get Thailand Tourist Visas in Vientiane Laos – 2014 Edition

In August of 2014, the Thailand government made clear that they would crack down on foreigners taking advantage of the visa rules for personal gain. The times when you could overst...

A Very Good Bangkok Visa Run Service

As many of you know, “Visa Runs” are one of the most annoying things about living in Thailand.  Unless you have a working visa or a Non-immigrant visa, there is a good chance ...

How To Get a Thai Tourist Visa in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

As many of your know, Thai Embassies are no longer giving out the one year non immigration visa to American citizens traveling to Thailand. Unless you have a Thai wife. Since I’m...

How to Get a Thai Tourist Visa in Singapore

Thailand has recently closed the loophole for the Type O Visa. Where before just about any American or Canadian could get a one year visa to Thailand, now you have to be officially...

Thailand Multi Entry Tourist Visa Run – Bangkok to Laos

Laos is one of the last places in Asia that will issue a multi-entry tourist visa for Thailand.  Basically it’s like attaining two tourist visas in one trip.  It is the equ...

Thailand Tourist Visa Run – Koh Samui to Penang Malaysia

After finding useless information on a Tourist Visa runs from Koh Samui.  Many others, including myself have tested the below methods. There are two methods listed below: 1- The C...

Thai Visa 101 – Understanding Thailand’s Most Common Visas: Entry Visa, Tourist Visa, and Non Immigrant Visa

I was sitting at the Thai Immigration Office the other day and witnessed a common occurrence, tourists not understanding the different types of visas in Thailand. After 5 minutes o...

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