Hua Hin

3 Fun Activities for Khao Takiab Hua Hin

In addition to its beaches, fresh seafood and endless sunny weather, Khao Takiab offers guests many other activities, many of which are both fun and healthy.

Here are 3 activities that belong on your list:

Health Spas

Khao Takiab is home to a bevy of world-class health spas. On the high end, Chiva Som and The Barai are major, full-service spas. On the low end, there are plenty of massage shops that offer services for 200 to 500 baht.

Camp Palapon

Camp Palapalon is a holistic fitness center, drawing on both eastern and western philosophies. From Kung Fu and Muay Thai to yoga and meditation, both long and short classes are available.


Flat waters and beautiful sunsets make Khao Takiab a great place to explore by kayak, offering both a workout and an opportunity to relax. For rentals, try the beachfront hotels and guest houses.

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