Why Are Thai Ladyboys Better at Sex Than Girls

Why Are Thai Ladyboys Better at Sex Than Girls

One thing that many new ladyboy lovers soon discover is how great sex with a ladyboy can be. Most lady lovers who have never been with a ladyboy will no-doubt argue that nothing beats sex with a hot girl, but I’d argue back that very few guys who do try sex with a beautiful ladyboy make it one time occasion, in most cases they become totally obsessed by Thailand’s third sex.

OK, that’s easy for me to say, but where’s the proof? I’ll try to do my best to mount a case for why sex with a ladyboy is better than sex with a girl. Obviously that is a generalization and I’m basing my points on good looking, sexually experienced Thai ladyboys, but in most cases the follow is very true.

Ladyboys Are Hotter Than Girls

Yes, Thailand is home to some smoking hot women, there’s no arguing against that, and riding on the sky train it’s hard not to notice the amount of cute and attractive girls in Bangkok. However, every so often you are likely to see an absolute stunner, someone who could easily work as a professional model, and so often that girl turns out to be a ladyboy.

In fact, many of the female models you’ll see on the big billboards around Bangkok are actually ladyboy models. How about those hot girls dance at the car shows? Yep, they are often ladyboys. What about the coyotes and showgirls in some of the city’s biggest clubs? Again, many are ladyboys. It’s not that you can’t find hot Thai girls, there are so many of them. It’s just that many of the ladyboys are simply hotter.

Ladyboys Know What You Want

When it comes to sex, no girl knows what you want in quite the same way as a ladyboy. Sure, some of the better gogo girls and escorts will be amazing in bed and be able to offer that total porn-star experience. But it’s a fact, ladyboys are born with penises and have the same sensations as guys, so of course they know exactly how to push your buttons and get your eyes rolling to the back of your head.

That’s not to say every ladyboy you meet will always be out to give you that toe curling experience, but when you do get a ladyboy you just click with and you both enter the bedroom with your animal instincts, you are going to have the kind of wild sex no real girl could possible compete with.

Ladyboys Genuinely Enjoy Sex

Being born male and often still having many male urges, ladyboy’s have a sex drive that tends to well outdo that of the girls. While many Thai girls do enjoy sex, if you take a Thai girl long time or have a Thai girlfriend you often spend a lot of time trying to get more sex. Whereas with a ladyboy girlfriend or long-time lover, she’s likely to exhaust you and leave you looking for ways out of her demanding love making sessions!

If you don’t believe me, head to Nana Plaza, spend an hour in a few girl bars then compare it to an hour in a ladyboy gogo such as Obsession or Charades. In the girl bars you are likely to be flirted with, teased, and even groped – this is the job of the girls and the good ones will soon work you into a horny sweat. But when it comes to the ladyboy bars you are likely to get mobbed by young sex hungry ladyboys looking to get off.

Ladyboy Are More Open Minded

This is a huge factor. There’s no arguing that ladyboys aren’t open minded, the fact that they have questioned their own gender and gone down the path to become a ladyboy is testament to that.

Thai people in general are not always that open minded, and if you find yourself in a relationship with a Thai girl and you want to spice things up in the bedroom a little, you have to be very careful how you tread as you may get labeled a freak. However, tell a ladyboy of your fantasies and kinks and her eyes will probably light up as she reaches for her handcuffs and bondage bag.

I’m not saying every ladyboy is a total freak in the bed, some are far less adventurous than others, but by their very nature ladyboys are very open-minded and non-judgmental when it comes to sex and sexuality.

If you’re still not convinced that sex with a ladyboy is better than sex with a girl, there’s great saying in the ladyboy community, ‘Never Try, Never Know.’

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