The Health Risks of Having Sex With Thai Ladyboys

Sexual health and the risk of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) is a concern to many new and experienced ladyboy lovers. The truth is, for heterosexual males who start to have sex with ladyboys, the risk of catching certain sexual diseases becomes greater, especially if you are meeting ladyboy sex workers – and this can be a very scary thing. However, it doesn’t need to be that frightening. In fact, with the right knowledge and precaution, you can assure that you stay disease free.

Common Sexual Diseases

OK, let’s get the big one out of the way…HIV is perhaps the scariest word ladyboys lovers fear the most, but in reality that fear is often blown way out of proportion. Such is the social stigma and lack of education attached to this disease. Many ladyboys and ladyboy lovers can develop an irrational fear of it. HIV, which can lead to the development of AIDS, is not that difficult to protect yourself against.

And with a little common sense, it isn’t something you should constantly fear…even if you know you’ve slept with someone who has it.

There are in fact many other sexual diseases which are much easier to catch during male to male intercourse, and if left untreated, can cause you serious problems. But again, all of which you can help protect yourself against and significantly reduce risk of infecting – or treat it as long as you know you have it.

A few of the common sexual diseases are:

1- Gonorrhea and Chlamydia: generally transmitted through sexual intercourse via genital secretions, such as the urethral secretions from the penis

2- Genital herpes and syphilis: usually transmitted through skin-to-skin contact by way of infected ulcers or sores.

3- HPV: transmitted through skin to skin content by way of infected genital skin or mucosal secretions, such as the penis and anus.

4- HIV, and hepatitis A and B: transmitted through blood, semen, or other bodily fluid.

Taking Precautions

1- As soon as you become sexually active with ladyboys, it’s important to immediately start practicing safe sex (hopefully you already do so). Here are a few of the key precautions to take:

2- Use condoms during sexual intercourse: this may be an obvious one but it’s often one people need to be reminded of. There will be times when you are in a moment of passion or intoxicated and there may be a temptation not to cover up, but these are the moments when you put yourself at unnecessary risk.

3- Get Vaccinated: there are vaccinations available which can dramatically reduce your risk of catching hepatitis A and B, and the human papillomavirus (HPV). You should approach your doctor a few months before you first Thai trip and ask for a course of vaccinations.

4- Get tested regularly: this may not prevent you catching STDs but knowing you have caught something early on greatly increases your ability to deal with it and stop it from spreading to others. As a rule, depending on how sexually active you are, you should get fully tested at least every 6-months to a year, or immediately after periods of intense sexual activity.

Can STDs Be Treated?

The majority of STDS can be treated with a simple course of antibiotics (such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis). While there’s no treatment to cure viral STDs such as HPV and genital herpes, there are medications which can control and prevent herpes outbreaks and any warts caused by HPV can be quickly treated and removed.

Catching more serious STDs such as HIV and Hep B early can also mean greater control. And while there are currently no cures, medical advances in the last decade mean that with the right care and treatment what were once dreaded terminal diseases can now be seen more as chronic and allow you to continue living a normal life. Again, the key here is knowing you have such diseases and catching them as early as possible. I really can’t stress enough the importance of getting regular STD check-ups.

Fate is in Your Hands

Ignore the myths and horror stories and listen to common sense. There is no need to have any irrational fears. If you follow the above advice, you should remain safe. Obviously there are further precautions you can take by avoid sleeping with ladyboys who work in the sex industry and not mixing recreational drugs with sex.

No one is expecting you to live your life wrapped in cotton wool. There will always be an element of risk when having sex with a ladyboy (just as there is when having sex with a female), and that risk is slightly greater in Thailand. And significantly greater when having sex with ladyboys from bars and gogos.

But ultimately fate is still in your hands and it’s healthy to have a small fear of sexual diseases, just let it motivate you to taking the correct precautions, and not let it impact on the fun and adventure you can have.

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  • Tom says:

    Why dont they want to use condoms like i met one who was natural and young she has just started having sex totally without condoms i know now she works by having sex with men from abroad and also she was havjng sex with the locals in the place she came from like i had come from the city and had been with quite a few so when i came to village to mreet the first thing was to have sex and she did it no questionn i wonder how msny get it now i would not

  • Matt says:

    Acute Hep B. usually cures by itself in time but sometimes it becomes Chronic and may even take you to hospital if symptoms are really bad. But it can be treated me with medication like interferons and nucleoside analogues.

    • Matt says:

      Acute Hep B. usually cures by itself in time but sometimes it becomes Chronic and may even take you to hospital if symptoms are really bad. But it can be treated by with medication like interferons and nucleoside analogues.

  • Steve says:

    I’ve been in Chiang Mai for 7 years now, and been involved with more than a few ladyboys. None of them I have met in either a bar or massage joint, most have been shop owners, accountants or professionals of some sort. When we meet, it’s made clear we will both use condoms, I’m versatile, and practise safe sex. Good thing is these ladies are serious about their health and look after themselves, they are not a bar girl from Issan having to send money home.
    We also decide after a few dates if we will be monogamous and if so, we get blood tests for STD and HIV, if negative we can forgo the condom if the mood escapes looking for one.
    I have been lucky in that I have had 5-6 satisfying long term relationships with some truly wonderful ladyboys, most of whom I stay in touch with.
    You want a quick bang, go pack condoms, short time shags, ladyboy, boy or girl is a risky affair..

  • Ram says:

    I want to have sex with shemale but i scare if i lick her ass suck her cock do i get hiv or its safe and with condom if i want to have sex is that ok

    • Ladyboy lovers says:

      Yes that is fine make sure when you lick her ass and you get second lady boy lick your ass too is much better. Also when fuck her no condom feel better and get another shemale to fuck you at same time with condom to be safe and when she come in your ass feel better. this make the sandwhich everyone like sandwhich.

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