Common Ladyboy Scams in Thailand – Part 2

Common Ladyboy Scams in Thailand

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Following up is Part 2 of our guide to common Ladyboys scams, we want to draw to your attention to perhaps the most common and sometimes less obvious scam you’re likely to encounter if you meet Ladyboys in Thailand (especially on the bar scene). That is ‘The Long Con’.

This scam is incredibly popular with the girls and Ladyboys working in Bangkok’s gogos and beer bars, and those working around the adult entertainment areas.

The Hook

Here’s the scenario… You are in Thailand on holiday and meet the Ladyboy of your dreams. You spend lots of time together, exploring islands, swimming together in the ocean, drinking and laughing all night long, having amazing sex and sleeping in each other’s arms. You haven’t had this kind of holiday romance since you were a teenager and things seem to get even deeper when she takes you to visit her family.

Time flies, your holiday is over before you know it and you feel a lump in your throat when you face the fact it’s time to go home. You feel in love and share your feelings with her, to which she tells you how she is also in love with you and wants to be with you and you alone. You head to the airport feeling sad that you are leaving your new found love behind, but vow to do everything to keep her happy and be in her arms again as soon as possible. She tells you that she loves you and will ‘wait’ for you.

You finally get home and turn on your phone or laptop to find lots of ‘I miss you darling’ messages and you immediately start regular calls and messaging with your new Ladyboy girlfriend. You’re feeling down and so far away but you’re so happy she hasn’t forgotten about you and is still messaging you. Surely that means she really does love you…

The Emotional Play

Ok, so far you haven’t lost anything, maybe she didn’t even ask you for any or much money when you were together, but not long after you are home the stories and requests will eventually begin…

..’I don’t want to work bar any more, but I need money, what can I do.. I love you so much’…

..’my phone is broken and I not have money to buy new phone. My friend so lucky, her boyfriend love her and buy her new iPhone’…

..’my grandma is sick and my family not have money to take her to hospital, darling can you help?’…

..’my family Buffalo die, now my family have big problem about money and I worry so much’…

I think you get the picture.

It’s not uncommon for the Ladyboys you meet in Thailand’s bars and red light areas to have several boyfriends overseas (not to mention 1 or 2 local boyfriends), in fact I’d wager that over half the Ladyboys you’ll meet Thailand’s bars and gogos will have at least one boyfriend or ‘sponsor’ (someone sending them money), and most of these boyfriends will be under the impression that their ‘Ladyboy girlfriend’ has already quit the bar and is living a life of celibacy, staying with her family and studying hard.

The Solution

Being an emotional play this is a hard one to counter-act or avoid at times. I’ve known several guys who have found themselves in this situation, many of whom are experienced and intelligent people, and yet they still fall for it in some way, sending over their hard earned money to a Ladyboy who is still working in a bar, willing to meet every guy with money in his wallet. In most cases if you warn these guys they will not act on your advice and tell you how their Ladyboy girlfriend is different, only for the relationship to end when the money runs dry.

It’s an emotional situation for many, and love is a hard scam to act against, but the best tip I can give is to think long and hard before sending any Thai Ladyboy (or girl, or guy) money. And if you do decide to send someone money, never send more than you can comfortably afford to lose (because you’re first priority should be saving up to buy a flight and pay for your next holiday in the land of Ladyboys, as soon as possible!).

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  • barry grier says:

    some good advice here…i have met one ladyboy in the philippines on line..she has been good and seemingly honest,until recently where she says she accident on her motor cycle,shows me her bandaged leg that needs xrays and treatments at hospital..problem is she says ,she has no money of this large amount needed to pay hospital bills,and she is in so much pain…has not directly asked for money,but of course that is what she wants…im feeling this is a long proven scam…am i correct…barry grier

  • Sam says:

    If you know the game – you know it’s at least a little bit about the money, is there a way to tell the ladyboy you know that this is part of her job and you feel ok about sending her money while she’s still working in the bar, but you want her to just be honest that she’s still working?
    I’m curious.
    I met one ladyboy who I visited several times, I send her money sometimes, but she tells me she’s now stopped working… even though I know she’s working and I saw her new photo shoot on her agency website.
    I’m also intelligent and I understand the game, but I’m ok with it. I just want her to know that I’m not stupid. Hahah.
    Any tips on how to tactfully tell her that? My Thai is not so good but her English is ok.

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