5 Best Places to Meet Ladyboys in Thailand

5 Best Places to Meet Ladyboys in Thailand

Simply put, Thailand is the land of Ladyboys. If you are a dedicated Ladyboy or transsexual lover, nowhere else will you meet so many Ladyboys in so many different cities. From the paradise beaches of Southern Thailand, to the mountains of the north, you’ll find Ladyboys in just about every major city and resort in the country, with most of these locations having some kind of dedicated Ladyboy bar, or an adult entertainment area where Ladyboys can be found.

To help you track down the best Ladyboys in Thailand, here is the Gods of Thailand guide to the 5 best places to meet Ladyboys in Thailand:

1- Chiang Mai

The capital of north, Chiang Mai is known for producing some of the best looking Ladyboys in Thailand. Typically tall, pale skinned, and with incredibly sweet faces, Chiang Mai Ladyboys are not hard to spot. Such is their beauty that many Ladyboys from Chiang Mai tend to leave home at an early age and head for the bright lights of the bigger cities and beach resorts further south, however, it’s still possible to find many still living and working in the city.

Chiang Mai nightlife isn’t as wild as Bangkok and pales in comparison to other major resorts in Thailand, this is very much a cool, chilled city, though it does have a small bar scene. For the best action and chance of finding Ladyboys you’ll want to explore the bars and massage shops around Loy Kroh Road, and more importantly, at the Chiang Mai Entertainment complex where you’ll find 2 Ladyboy bars, Marina Bar and Shamrock.

2- Koh Samui

While Koh Samui doesn’t have any dedicated Ladyboy bars (to my current knowledge), it is home to a handful of fun Ladyboy cabarets and lots of freelancers.

Chaweng is where most of the Ladyboy action can be found, and away from the main cabaret shows (Moulin Rouge and Starz) you’ll find a lot of Ladyboys hanging around the lively Soi Mango late at night, and Sound Club in particular (though things don’t really get going here until well into the early hours). You will also find a few Ladyboy working in the beer bars on Soi Reggae, and if backpacker’s ghetto of Chaweng isn’t your scene then head to Lamai Beach where you’ll find a fairly big beer bar scene with several Ladyboys scattered around the girl bars.

3- Phuket

Phuket is Thailand’s premier beach resort and something of a Ladyboy paradise. Here you’ll find a welcome mix of stunning beaches, pumping nightlife, and lots of Ladyboys. While Samui can compete in terms of beach life, Phuket is the next level when it comes to Ladyboy action.

Kata, Karon, ad Kamala are all great beaches with several beer bars and massage shops where you’re likely to find a few Ladyboys but the serious action is centered around Patong. In Patong you’ll find a large Ladyboy population, and a few hundred Ladyboys spread around the many massage shops, bars and cabaret shows. To cut to the chase, Bangla Road is Ladyboy HQ here, with Cocktails & Dreams being the go-to Ladyboy bar, and the beer bars of Soi Crocodille (aka Soi Kathoey), being home so a few dozen dolled up ladyboys who seem to have mastered the arts of dirty dancing and filthy flirting.

4- Bangkok

I’m sure no one is surprised to see Bangkok on a list of where to meet Ladyboys. For many this is where there Ladyboy obsession began, and for other’s it is their home away from home.

Being such a huge city with such a large Ladyboy population, you’ll find Ladyboys literally everywhere, from the discos of Silom to the bars of Kao San Road, but without doubt the sheer number of Ladyboys you’ll find around lower Sukhumvit Road, and Soi 4 (aka soi Nana), late at night is a sight to behold.

Nana Plaza is where most of the action stems from, with the Plaza itself hosting 5 dedicated Ladyboy bars and with around 150 Ladyboys working here on a good night (not including the post op Ladyboys working in Voodoo and a few of the girly bars), as well as another 20-30 hanging around freelancing by the entrance of the plaza and long the soi.

5- Pattaya

Pattaya has an incredible number of Ladyboys, the vast majority of whom you’ll find working in the many bars and gogos, or in the touristy industry, making it a Ladyboy lovers dream destination. Despite being a Thai beach resort, the beaches here are pretty bad, but no one in Pattaya seems to care, this town is all about the party action.

It’s almost impossible to calculate just how many Ladyboys now work and freelance in Pattaya, with new ones seeming to arrive by the bus load, though there are distinct high seasons (around November to March) when the Ladyboy population is at its biggest. I’d guess that during high season there is easily more than 1000 Ladyboys to be found in this Sin City.

It would be far quicker for me to tell you where not to find Ladyboys in Pattaya, they are literally everywhere, from the short time bars of soi 6, to the discos of Walking Street, and literally on every soi in between. Perhaps the most impressive collection of Ladyboys can be found on Walking Street after midnight and at My Way at in particular.

Honorable mentions..

Hua Hin

For those who are looking for great beaches and hot Ladyboys and don’t want to travel far from Bangkok, Hua Hin is a viable option. You’ll find several Ladyboys freelancing in the beer bars here (Caddy Shack is one worth checking out), and several more freelancing in the discos and bars under the Hilton after midnight.

Udon Thani

It’s amazing how many hot young Ladyboys you meet in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket come from Isaan. While Isaan isn’t known for its wild farang friendly nightlife there is a fairly active beer bar scene in Udon Thani, where you’re sure to find at least a few local Ladyboys looking for love. It’s not the kind of location you plan a Ladyboy hunting holiday around but it’s definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in the region.

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