10 Tips for Ladyboy Sex in Thailand

10 Tips for Ladyboy Sex in Thailand
The following is a Guest Post from Kal, the Ladyboy Guru of Thailand

Ladyboy lovers believe, that anyone who has ever been to Thailand will know, the sexiest women in the country and actually boys! Sure, Thai girls are incredibly sexy and beautiful but if you find yourself staring at a stunning, long legged Thai on the Skytrain, who has a killer body, large breasts, and a hypnotic, exotic face, chances are that you’re falling for a ladyboy.

Some guys will travel half way around the world to visit Thailand and spend time with their amazing ladyboys. Other ladyboy lovers fall into the scene by chance, following a drunken night of fun and frolics with a beautiful stranger, but many of those who aren’t initially drawn to the sirens of a slinking ladyboy will have at some stage or other thought ‘what if..’

Never Try, Never Know..

If you’ve ever had a ladyboy fantasy, or felt that ‘prick’ of curiosity when watching the waggle of a sexy feminine Thai transsexual, then trust me, it’s a feeling that will never quite go away. They only way to really ‘scratch that itch’ is to give it a go and try your first Thai ladyboy.

For most people, having that first ladyboy experience is certainly not an easy choice. If you’ve only ever been with women, suddenly going with a ladyboy (no matter how sweet or feminine she looks) can be a very nerve wrecking experience. As with any new experience or major change, often our instincts are to cower away and take the easy and familiar option, ultimately missing out on the new and exciting, but I’ve always found that in life you only really regret the things you never try rather than the things you do.

Most people I know who have tried their first ladyboy have gone on to try many, and none I know of have regretted that first night with a ladyboy. Actually, that is wrong, I know a few who have regretted it, because after they became totally addicted to Thai ladyboys, and now they have to live in the Western world, stunning Asian ladyboys are very hard to find (and extremely expensive when you do find them!).

Do It, But Do It Right!

If you are going to try you first ladyboy then you need to do it right. Firstly, there is nowhere better in the world to have that first ladyboy experience than Bangkok, Thailand, home to the most beautiful ladyboys in the world. However, you still need to pick your ladyboy and service wisely to get the most out of the experience.

You want to make this a special and unforgettable time but for all the right reasons. Avoid taking ladyboys from dating sites or off the streets, you want to take out any possible element of trouble or risk from the equation, and I’d even suggest to avoid meeting ladyboys in bars and gogos. The gogo experience can be a little intimidating and you’ll find yourself being talked into going with someone who is over confident or who knows how to tell you what you want to hear rather than being an actual good fit. Ultimately, bar ladyboys, and those from dating sites and off the streets will make promises they won’t always keep, and their job is to get into your bedroom rather than give you a wild time. When things go wrong you’re on your own with no one to call or complain to. For your first time we suggest using a professional ladyboy escort service.

The Newbie Pampering Package

There are several very good professional ladyboy escort services in Bangkok, and I’ve tried most of them! The one I’d recommend most highly to a first timer is

Ladyboys Bangkok have a large selection of ladyboys, with many different styles and types of ladyboy, so no matter what you fantasy or taste they are bound to have several ladyboys who match your tastes. Not only do they specialize in first time customers, they also pride themselves on giving fantasy experiences and are experts in supplying role-play, domination, and special services, including an array of toys, costumes, and accessories. Their ladyboys are top, bottom, dominant, submissive, bisexual, with many different specialties and kinks; they even have real girls who enjoy playing with ladyboys, It’s safe to say they are ready to serve almost any fantasy imaginable.

Take a look at their specials:

Among the list of special packages they offer is one called ‘Newbie Pampering.’ This package is ideal for any first timer who doesn’t have a fixed fantasy in mind. With this package you get to select two of their suggested ladyboys who are specialists with first-timers and know just how to get you relaxed and in the mood. Once dressed in their lingerie or fantasy outfits they’ll start by giving you a four-hands massage, slowly teasing and seducing you until all your inhibitions have been rubbed away and you’re ready for more energetic fun.. Not only this but it’s also at a discounted price, so even more reason to give it a go!

10 Tips for a First Timer

  1. Go in with an open mind

Don’t decide what you like and don’t like before you’ve even tried

  1. Don’t second guess what will happen

Don’t have expectation other than having a fun and memorable time

  1. Don’t be too nervous

It’s normal to be a little nervous but trust me, you’ll have an amazing time so relax

  1. Be adventurous

It’s all about sexual exploration, the more you explore the more fun you’ll find

  1. Don’t rush it

You don’t need to do everything in the first night!

  1. Choose your ladyboy wisely

 Avoid street girls and bar bars, we highly recommend

  1. Treat your ladyboy with respect

The happier and more comfortable they feel the more you’ll be rewarded

  1. Share the fun

Don’t forget to give them a good time; the more they enjoy it the more fun you’ll have

  1. Don’t worry what other people think

This is your life and your adventure, who cares what other people think?

  1. Enjoy it!

Whether this is a once in a lifetime experience or the first of many, make sure you relax, take a positive and open-minded attitude, and just have fun!


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