5 Tips for Meeting Thai Ladyboys Online

5 Tips for Meeting Thai Ladyboys Online
Sign up for an account at Thaifriendly, Thai Cupid, or MyLadyBoyDate and start searching for Ladyboy profiles.

You’ll be instantly blown away by just how many Ladyboys there are on these online dating site!

There are literally 100s and 1000s of Ladyboys on these dating sites, coming from all walks of life, many looking incredibly young, hot and available, and the vast majority seems to be very open about looking for a foreign lover. It’s easy to get excited and optimistic at this point but wait just one second.

If you could see just how many guys there are signed up on these sites then you’d instantly feel a little less optimistic, and if you could see the hundreds of pokes and messages these Ladyboys are getting (especially the hotter ones), then you might even feel like giving up. Well don’t…

The truth is, while there are a lot of very genuine Ladyboys on these sites, there are also a lot more guys, but the vast majority of which aren’t genuine at all, either just looking for a cheap thrill or with no real intentions of hooking up with a hot Ladyboy in the flesh.

With that in mind, following a few simple tips you can easily separate yourself from the jerks and jokers and stand out as an eligible bachelor, getting lots of attention from these stunning Ladyboys.

1- Create a Profile

This sounds obvious, but by create a profile I mean actually fill it out. The vast majority of guys on Ladyboy dating sites will do the bare minimum just to get a profile and be able to drool (and most probably masturbate), over the many sexy Ladyboy profiles.

By filling out the basic details and writing a little intro about who you are and what you are looking for you immediately become real and separate yourself from time wasters.

2- Add a Picture

By adding a picture – I mean a picture of you. Some guys will try to avoid adding a real photo or put a picture of a celebrity or idol, or basically anything so not to show their real identity, this instantly lets someone know you are either ashamed or not serious. It’s a fact, profiles with pictures will get significantly more messages than profiles without pictures, especially on Ladyboy dating sites where English is not the first language of those you are chasing.

But what if my boss/friend/brother sees my picture on the site? Well in that very unlikely event – you first need to ask them what they were doing on a Ladyboy dating site.

3- Make the Investment

The sites mentioned can all be used for free, you can sign up for a profile and start contacting Ladyboys without making any financial transaction, however, it really does pay to play.

The sites aren’t that expensive and each one is worth signing up for a month or two to trial it. As soon as you have a paid membership you’ll have far more freedom in what you can see and how many messages you can send (most sites restrict the amount of messages you can send in a day, but once you are a paid member it becomes unlimited), and more importantly, you’ll appear at the top of the searches any Ladyboys make, highlighting you ahead of the many other guys looking for attention.

4- Less is More

Once you’ve joined and created your profile you’re ready to start searching and messaging Ladyboys at will. There’s an obvious temptation to just message every hot Ladyboy you find, and you may even feel lazy and just write one simple message and copy, paste and send to every Ladyboy that catches your eye. This will no doubt get you a lot of replies, but it doesn’t necessarily get you results and can often backfire.

A lot of these Ladyboys joined the site because a friend told them about it, many will even sit in internet cafes next to each other, or show each other who they are chatting to via their phone. Chances are if you message everyone you’ll soon get labeled as a bit of a player and may lose some of the Ladyboys you had the hots for.

Have faith in the above tips and you’ll get a very high percentage of replies to the messages you send out, so instead of just messaging everyone with double D implants, take your time to search for the Ladyboys that you are most attracted to and start by just messaging 2 or 3 and taking it from there.

5- Show Respect

Once you get locked into a conversation with a Ladyboy on a dating site you need to play it cool. A lot of guys, especially when chatting from their home country, tend to surf Ladyboy dating sites when they are horny and so conversation quickly turns graphic. Ladyboys generally hate cyber-sex, many of them love the real thing and will be looking to meet in person, but if you’re far away or not looking to meet immediately, horny chat will soon drive them away.

Play it cool, be respectful, and try to avoid the sex chat until it’s time to meet in person.

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