Best Dating Sites to Meet Thai Ladyboys

Best Dating Sites to Meet Thai Ladyboys
Gone are the days when meeting Ladyboys is just for the lucky few who get to take their vacations in Thailand. Today with the huge popularity of social media, a massive network of dating sites, and a generation of tech savvy Thai Ladyboys, you can quite easily meet and chat with hot new Ladyboys online, whether you find yourself in a Bangkok hotel or a cabin in Alaska.

For many this is perfect way to meet more serious Ladyboys who are genuinely looking for relationships, or for those already stationed in Thailand, it’s a welcome alternative to the bar and gogo scene. However, with so many dating sites around, how do you know which one is right for you?

To help you find the Ladyboy dating site which will work for you, here’s the Gods of Thailand guide to the Best Dating Sites to Meet Thai Ladyboys:

Thai Cupid

Previously known as Thai Love Links, this site has been around for as long as I can remember, and remains extremely popular in Thailand. It’s always been one of my favorite dating sites, and while it’s not just about Ladyboys (also having a huge membership of hot Thai girls), you always seem to find a lot of Ladyboys on here that you just don’t see on other sites.

Unlike most Thai dating sites this isn’t just about Pattaya and Bangkok, you’ll find a wide and varied collection of Ladyboys from all corners of Thailand on Thai Cupid, so if you’re looking for dates and connections outside of Thailand’s main resorts, this is your best option (though it also has a huge membership in Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket).

You’ll have to prize open your wallet for this site, it’s hard to get any real results without being a paying member, but membership is cheap and well woth it.

My Ladyboy Date

My Ladyboy Date is a very fresh and modern website focused on serious dating. Run by a European guy and his Philippino Ladyboy girlfriend, the site is all about finding your true love. While they don’t tolerate guys pestering Ladyboys for sex they are also keen to lose any of the Ladyboys who are selling their services, meaning less members than you might find on some dating sites, but a very high percentage of which are extremely genuine.

This website is very much for those who are looking for a Ladyboy girlfriend, rather than to play the field, so if you’re just looking for a cam girl or to line up sex dates you might be wasting your time here. One bonus to this site is that as well as having lots of Thai Ladyboy members it also has a lot of Ladyboys from elsewhere in Asia (notably the Philippines), and it’s membership is well spread out, with many Ladyboys in Europe and Northern America.

This is another site you really need to join to get any results. I know a few guys who have met their Ladyboy girlfriend on here and swear by it, so it’s definitely worth giving a trial run.


Thaifriendly has become huge in Bangkok and Pattaya, it’s just exploded as far as dating sites go. Search for Ladyboys online in either of these cities and you’ll get a few pages of Ladyboys online now, just about any day or time. The only downside is that the majority of these Ladyboys tend to be bar girls, in Pattaya at least.

To be honest the Ladyboy side of this site is mostly about hook ups and sex dates; while I’m sure that wasn’t the original intentions of the site owners, many of the Ladyboys here are looking for ‘customers’ or one night stands. That’s definitely not to say all Ladyboys on here are out for fun, but a large percentage of the Pattaya and Bangkok Ladyboys are. It’s a great site for those looking to meet Ladyboys for pure fun, without the pressure of dating.

The great thing is that you don’t have to be a paying member to test the site and see if you like it. You can create a full profile, search for users, and message anyone you want, for free. However, messages are limited to 1 every 10 minutes, and the chat bar is disabled for non-payers, so it makes having long conversations very testing. If you like the site, and I’m sure you will, it’s worth getting a paid membership to have unlimited messages, and also appear at the top when Ladyboys search.

Honorable Mention

Ladyboy Kisses

It’s a pretty outdated site but I’ve always liked. It definitely wouldn’t be the first site I’d advise you to try, but Ladyboy Kisses is worth a look if you are getting tired of the others and want to find some fresh faces. This site also has a lot of Filipina Ladyboys and they pride themselves on creating a lot of successful relationships, which is evident in their blog section about success stories.

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