How Much Does Ladyboy Sex Cost in Thailand?

how much does ladyboy sex cost
One of the most common questions new guys ask us before visiting Bangkok is how much does it cost to have sex with a Ladyboy?

It’s not always a straight forward answer as it depends on the quality you are looking for, where you meet them, and how long you spend with them. It can literally cost you anything from 500 baht ($15) for a short time with a street working freelancer, to 15,000 baht ($450) for 24 hours Bangkok’s top Ladyboy escorts.

To better help you here’s the: Gods of Thailand Ladyboy Price Guide:

Before we start it should be noted that paying for sex in Thailand is commonly broken down into two price brackets:

Short Time – which usually means sex for anything from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Long Time – which usually means having sex and staying overnight (usually including sex again in the morning before they leave the next day, though it’s not always a given).

How Much Do Ladyboy Freelancers Cost For Sex

The cheapest sex you’ll get from Ladyboys will be with freelancers. Freelancers can be found on dating sites, in back page ads, and most commonly, working the streets around Bangkok’s adult entertainment areas.

Perhaps the biggest concentration of Ladyboy freelancers can be found working Sukhumvit road from soi 15 to soi 3, and from the corner of Sukhumvit soi 4 and down along the soi past Nana Plaza and beyond.

While most of these freelancers do not work for any bar or gogo, after 2am, many of the ladyboys who work in the Nana Plaza gogo bars will also become available on the street. However, as a rule, if you take a Ladyboy on the street there is always an element of risk and danger, as you’ll have no one to call or complain to if things go wrong.

Sex Charge:
Short time: Between 500 – 1,500 baht (15 – 45usd).

Long time: Between 1000 – 2,000 baht (30 – 60usd).

Note: These are the most common prices and a good scale for you to go by. It’s not uncommon for some Ladyboys to try to ask for much higher rates, especially if they think you are new in town or unaware of the pricing. If you are quoted a high price try to stick to your guns and don’t be afraid to negotiate for a more sensible figure.

How Much Do Ladyboys at Beer Bars Cost?

When taking a Ladyboy from a beer bar you’ll be charged a bar fine, payable to the bar with your drinks bill, when you leave. This is the normal procedure and is compensation for the bar for you taking her from her place of work (whether that be for an hour or for the rest of the night). On top of the bar fine you’ll also have to pay the Ladyboy directly, most commonly when your time together is over and she is ready to leave.

Bar Fine:
Bar fines are usually around 300 – 500 baht (10 – 15usd) though some more swanky bars or those trying to be different may charge more.

Sex Charge:
Short time: Around 500 – 1,500 baht (15 – 45usd).

Long time: Around 1000 – 2,000 baht (30 – 60usd).

Note: Always try to negotiate how much you will pay the Ladyboy and how long she will stay before you pay the bar fine and take her from the bar, this will save you from any potential problems or awkwardness later.

How Much Does Sex Cost for Ladyboys at GoGo Clubs?

GoGos work the same way as beer bars, where you’ll be pressured to buy lady drinks for the staff, and you’ll have to pay a bar fine to take a Ladyboy out of the bar. However, Ladyboys working in gogo bars tend to be more experience, professional, and expensive.

Bar Fine:
Bar fines in Ladyboy gogos bars are around 600 – 1000 baht (20 – 30usd). Most Ladyboy gogo bar fines are currently 700 baht, but expect to pay 1000 baht during special nights such as New Years Eve.

Sex Charge:
Short time: Around 1000 – 2000 baht (30 – 60usd).

Long time: Around 1500 – 3,000 baht (45 – 90usd).

Note: fees for Ladyboy gogo dancers can vary greatly. Some real divas and part time porn stars will think they are worthy of fees well above the going rate, while some more grounded Ladyboys will be more realistic about the cost, especially on a slow night. It’s always best to agree on the fee before you pay the bar fine, and again, don’t be afraid to negotiate if you are quoted a high price.

How Much Do Ladyboy Escorts Cost?

Escort services are by far the most expensive way to pay for sex with Ladyboys, but at the same time they often deliver the most professional Ladyboys and the best services, as well as total discretion and safety.

The good escort agencies will also help you plan your session and give excellent customer service, doing everything they can to help you get the experience you want. However, whereas in other scenarios you can simply pay for short or long time, escorts offer a pricing structure which tends to go by the hour.

Sex Charge:
2 hours: Around 5000 – 6000 baht (150 – 180usd).

4 hours: Around 7000 – 8000 baht (210 – 240usd)

10-12 hours: Around 10,000 – 12,000 baht (300 – 360usd)

24 hours:  Around 12,000 – 15,000 baht (360 – 450usd)

Note: Whereas you can negotiate charges with freelances and bar girls, escort services have very fixed rates. However, some will offer special packages and even allow you to negotiate lower rates if you are a regular customer or taking multiple girls and longer sessions – don’t be afraid to ask for a better price.


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