5 Best Ladyboy Bars in Pattaya Thailand

Best Ladyboy Bars in Pattaya Thailand
No city on this planet has a higher percentage of Ladyboys in its population than Pattaya, Thailand. If you’re serious about wanting to meet lots of hot and horny Ladyboys then you seriously need to get to Pattaya. There are 100s, if not 1000s of them working here, and while some people call it a “Dirty Sin City” – most Ladyboy lovers call it heaven.

There really are a crazy number of Ladyboys living and working here, you have to see it to believe it, and the vast majority of them are looking for a foreign lover. However, no sane man comes here looking for a relationship or life partner, Pattaya is all about the bars and gogos, partying hard and living out your fantasies.

Now, while you’re not going to need help finding Ladyboys in Pattaya, they are literally on every street in town, with so many venues to choose from the problem will be knowing which bars and gogos to head to for the best time. To help you with that welcome dilemma here’s the God’s of Thailand guide to the 5 best ladyboy bars in Pattaya for 2014:

Lita Bar -Location: Soi BJ, off Walking Street

It’s not the biggest, it’s not the wildest, and it’s certainly not the easiest to find, but it has become something of a ladyboy lover’s institution.

Run by the lovely lady Lita, here you’ll find a bevy of young (often farm fresh) and very friendly ladyboys who seem to make every guest feel more than welcome. It’s a pretty small bar inside but they’ve managed to squeeze in a pool table, which is great for breaking the ice if you’re a nervous newbie. They also have a small short time hotel above and being tucked away down a quiet side soi of the bustling Walking Street, it’s a great late night ladyboy venue for those looking to keep things discreet.

Sensations – Location: Action Street, off Soi Buakaow

Run by a very friendly English guy (Scott), and his ladyboy partner (Paeng), Sensations is a ladyboy beer bar that has become extremely popular over the last couple of years.

Without doubt the busiest beer bar in this small bar complex, here you’ll find some high quality ladyboys and a very chilled vibe. This is a great place to come and kick off your evening, sip on a cold one and shoot a few games of pool with the playful ladyboys on staff. It’s also known for having some pretty fun parties.

Pook Swan – Location: Soi Buakaow, next to Butcher’s Arms Pub

Pook Swan is very well established, it has been around for ages, consistently staffed with lots of hot young ladyboys and often the place to find the best new talent in town.

Part beer bar, part gogo, this is a great ladyboy venue to eye-up your potential ladyboy dates as all of the girls take a turn dancing on the chromes polls (if you sit in the right spot it’s almost like getting a free lap dance). Being open fronted onto a busy part of soi Buakaow, it’s not the most discreet ladyboy bar in town, but the talent here is among the best.

It’s also worth mentioning that Pook Swan has a sister bar called Pook 6, on Pattaya’s sleazy soi 6, though for the best talent the Soi Buakaow venue should be your first stop.

Stringfellows – Location: Soi Yamoto, aka Soi 13/1 off Beach Road

Stringfellows is an intimate gogo bar where the ladyboys all wear tiny bikinis and spend most of their time rubbing their curves on the shiny polls and the faces of the customer, who sit just inches away from the podiums.

This isn’t perhaps the first venue a nervous noob should head too, but if you’re looking for some serious flirting and in-bar foreplay, with Amazonian ladyboys in skimpy outfits, then this should be your first port of call. It may be a bit on the sleazy side but that’s what has made it so popular for well over 7 years.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are two other pretty decent ladyboy bars in this small soi, La Bamba (a long establish LB bar which only just missed being in the top 5), and The House (which is run by a House music fanatic and a unique place for those who love ladyboys and dance music).

My Way (sometimes called Hot Tuna) – Location: Walking Street, opposite FLB Bar

Since the closure of Jenny Star Bar a few years back, Pattaya has been missing that one late-night bar  where the hottest ladyboys head after midnight. My Way seems to have finally filled that void.

If you’ve never been to Pattaya before but have watched any Thai ladyboy porn you’ll probably see some familiar faces here. It may be home to a lot of divas and some of the ladyboys here may ask for more than the going rate, but nowhere else in Pattaya can boast as many crazy hot ladyboys in one jumping venue (if you like the long legged, large breasted type that is!).

Honorable Mentions…

Waling Street

As well as My Way and Lita Bar there are several other bars with ladyboys on walking street and many of the ladyboys working in the other bars mentioned will head here after midnight to freelance on the streets or in the clubs, most notably Marine Disco. This is the place to come for ladyboys after midnight.

Soi 6

Pattaya’s sleazy ‘short-time’ soi seems to have a fast growing ladyboy population. It used to be home to just 2 or 3 discreet ladyboy bars, but has more than doubled that number in recent years, with even a large number of the lady bars now employing some love hungry ladyboys.

Pattaya Obsessions

Despite being a rather large and swanky Ladyboy Gogo, with probably the best layout and some of the hottest ladyboys in town, Obsessions doesn’t make the list due to its reputation for bill padding (overcharging customers) and the often bad attitudes of the mamasans. It’s still worth a visit but make sure you watch your bill closely and don’t over pay for services.

It’s also worth mentioning that Obsessions has no connection with Bangkok’s popular True Obsession gogo.

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