How to Choose the Best Ladyboy Escort Service in Thailand

choosing best ladyboy escort agency thailand

Some people will go out their way to tell you why you shouldn’t use an escort service in Thailand, and the only real argument they’ll ever make is that they are expensive compared to the bars and freelancers. However, for many guys the extra cost really isn’t an issue and you get so much more for your money, most notably safety and discretion.

That’s not to say that every Ladyboy escort service in Bangkok is a winner, today there seem to be dozens of them and new sites springing up every day, if you don’t have any solid recommendations it can be hard to figure out who to trust and which service to go for.

The Website

Today pretty much every escort service will have a website, and that is where they do their main business. You can immediately get a good impression of the kind of company you are dealing with by how professional the website is; if the site is a jumble or looks like it’s been slapped together in an hour you can pretty much assume this isn’t a professional outfit and cross that company off your list.

The first thing you want to see when entering a Ladyboy escort site is clear pictures of the available escorts and contact details, on top of that you want to find a page with clear pricing details, and further stats and picture galleries of the girls. The professional agencies will do this well, with websites that are clear and easy to navigate.

The Ladyboys

A good escort agency will have at least 10 Ladyboy they can call on at short notice. However, many will only actually have one or two and when you contact them you’ll find almost everyone you ask for is ‘unavailable’, or they have to keep checking, which usually means they are totally disorganized and don’t keep close relationships with their staff.

When you contact an agency you want to hear who is available straight away, and if the Ladyboy you want isn’t available it’s important they tell you and offer you an alternative, sending a different Ladyboy to the one you asked for is a big no no.

The Services

When you book a Ladyboy escort you should also be able to book a service. Everybody has their own kinks and fantasies and it’s up to the escort agency to cater to that. A good escort service will offer different services on their site, or indicate which girls specialize in certain services, as well as what each Ladyboy will and won’t do.

When you contact an agency you should be allow to explain to them exactly what you are looking for and what you want to happen, and they should immediately respond with recommendations of who to book. If they seem uninterested and non-responsive to your requests then this isn’t the agency you should be using, as it’s unlikely they’ll be sending you the best Ladyboy for the job or even passing on your requests to the Ladyboy they do send.

The Price

Escort services are expensive when compared to the bar girls and freelancers, but you get what you pay for. While some services offer slightly different rates, you should go by the quality of the Ladyboys and services before looking at the price lists.

While most escort agencies are reluctant to give discounts on short bookings, the better services will be open to give you special deals on longer bookings or regular clients. Such prices won’t be advertised but it’s definitely worth asking. We’ve also noticed that a few of the better sites are also offering special packages with reduced prices, which is a very nice touch.

The Customer Service

For me, the response and attitude of the customer services is almost more important than everything else. The site may look fresh and modern, and the Ladyboys on it may look stunning, but if the site take ages to respond to emails, and are unhelpful or rude when you ask too many questions, then I would avoid using them.

Ultimately many people are using Ladyboy escort services for their helpfulness, support, safety, and discretion, so it’s key that the company respond with genuine care and a eagerness to help and please you. Occasionally things will go wrong and you might get a Ladyboy you just don’t click with. You want to be sure that when you contact the escort company in such situations they are helpful and do all they can to correct the situation, otherwise why bother use them at all.


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