The Best Escort Agency for Thai Ladyboys in Bangkok Thailand

This is the second part of the “Thai Ladyboy Series” which brings real information about Thai Ladyboys to light without any sort of bullshit.

As mentioned in the first part of this series, “Should You Fuck a Ladyboy in Thailand“, Thai Ladyboys don’t hold much appeal to me.  However, there are hundreds of thousands of men and women who travel to Thailand every year wanting to experience the infamous “he-she’s” of Thailand.

It is not my place to judge – as I believe each person has the right to do what makes themselves happy.  But what I will do, is offer advice on how you can fuck a Thai ladyboy safely, without the fear of getting robbed or worse.

In this post I’m going to introduce you to the best escort website for ladyboys in Bangkok Thailand.  (Although I haven’t used their services myself, I do have quite a few friends and readers of this website who have shared their reviews of this service.  And the reviews have consistently been great.)



Ladyboys Bangkok are now offering all their ladyboy Escorts via the platform. Booking your Bangkok ladyboy via the smooci app is not only quick and simple, but they also offer some exclusive discounts and special offers, as well as GPS tracking, so you can see exactly where your Escort is and how long until she arrives.

My Thoughts

Never fuck a Thai Ladyboy that you met on the street are at a club in Thailand!  As mentioned in our previous post, it is very common that one of these “freelancers” may drug and rob you.

If you are new to Thailand and want the Ladyboy experience, I recommend that you go with this escort agency.  It may be a little more expensive then “streetwalkers”, but you are guaranteed safety and security from the agency.  Not to mention, the “he-she” will meet you at the door of your hotel room, so your privacy is 100% protected.

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