Why Ladyboy Bars Are More Fun Than Girl Bars in Thailand

Why Ladyboy Bars Are More Fun Than Girl Bars in Thailand
It’s a fact; ladyboy bars are more fun than girl bars. Yeah, OK, some guys will argue against that, but mostly guys who have never set foot in a ladyboy bar for more than a quick and curious look. Take it from me, even if you are not a ladyboy lover, you’re guaranteed to have a great time in one of the big ladyboy gogos or lounge bars in Thailand, and here’s why..

Good Attitudes

Most real girls you see in the gogo bars are there just to find a boyfriend or earn as much money as they can (usually the latter), their minds are often on the thought of clocking off and getting home and while they may have good nights and bad, it’s unlikely you’ll find a girl bar where everyone is in a good mood and loving their job. I’m not saying the ladyboys aren’t in the bars to make money, but I will say that the vast majority of them genuinely enjoy the experience of dancing and drinking with their friends while being ogled and flirted with by a long line of strangers (it’s something many of them aren’t used to in other aspects of their life).

As a result – most ladyboys you meet in a bar or gogo just seem to have a great attitude, a fun vibe about them, and appreciate the male attention more so than many of the girls working in similar situations. While some of the ladyboy gogo bars may seem a bit full on at first and you may even get mobbed as you enter, once the dust settles you’ll definitely feel a much more fun atmosphere compared to other bars.

Natural Entertainers

There’s no doubt about it, ladyboys are natural born entertainers. Their early icons and role models are often entertainers or beauty pageant winners and they long to be on the stage. In the gogo bars they are given just that, a stage and an audience.

Watching the stage at a bar like Charades can be entertainment itself and a kind of addictive form of people watching. Not only do the ladyboys look incredibly hot and love to flirt and show off their best assets, they are also incredibly funny and love being cheeky and making their admirers smile.

Party Atmosphere

Ladyboys are typically very fun and funny people. Meet a ladyboy on her own and she’s sure to have a positive attitude and a good sense of humor. Meet a ladyboy with her friends and there’s almost always a party situation.

If you really want to mingle and have good company simply go into a ladyboy bar and buy a few lady drinks. You don’t have to break the bank and buy everyone a drink, but sit and drink with a few cute ladyboys and you’ll be laughing and joking all night.

Getting Freaky

If you are looking for more than some good conversation and a few laughs, ladyboys in the bars also tend to get quite freaky and naughty when encouraged. Invite a ladyboy to sit and drink with you in one of the bars of gogos and show her that you’re not shy and you may get more than you bargained for.

Some of the bigger ladyboy gogos like Charades and True Obsessions, or lounge bars like Check Inn and Darkside, have lots of dark corners and slightly hidden seating where foreplay is not an unusual sight. I’ve seen a lot of freaky acts and sights in ladyboys bars, and some stories of what goes on in the toilets of Charades bar that will haunt your wet dreams…

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