Taking a Ladyboy to Your Hotel in Thailand

Taking a Ladyboy to Your Hotel in Thailand
One thing many new comers to Thailand worry about is whether they can take a Ladyboy back to their hotel, how safe it is, and how people at the hotel will react.

It’s a reasonable concern, I mean in most countries the vast majority hotels would not be happy with you taking a transsexual prostitute through the hotel and you’d get some pretty icy stares and ugly reactions if you tried to do so, however, Thailand is not most countries…

Thailand is an extremely open minded country when it comes to lifestyles and prostitution. Not only are many of the hotels in locations like Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya happy for their guests to take prostitutes and Ladyboys back to their room, some even specialize in catering to the single male traveler. You’ll even find a few hotels that have a soapy massage or bar populated by freelancers on the premises.

However, don’t just assume that every Thai hotel is happy for you to take Ladyboys to your room, or set up in a way to make the experience easy and comfortable.

Choosing The Right Hotel

If you are planning to take Ladyboys to your hotel in Thailand the first thing you need to do is check that it is ‘guest friendly’ and OK with Ladyboys. Guest friendly means the hotel allows you to bring guests to your room, including prostitutes; however, there may still be additional hotel policies you’ll want to be aware of.

Even if a hotel is guest friendly they may charge a ‘joiner fee’, this is a charge you have to pay to bring a guest to your room, and it can typically be between 300–1500 Baht (10-50 USD). If you’re planning on taking many guests to you room then you should avoid hotels which have joiner fees or it could get expensive. If you only plan on taking one guest to your room there may be the option to register your guest to your room which should avoid any possible joiner fees.

There are forums and websites which will have lists of guest friendly hotels and their guest policies, but the most sensible, fail-proof option is to directly email your hotel and ask them what their guest policy is and whether they allow Ladyboys to enter. This will also give you proof you can print out or keep on your phone should you encounter any problems.

Location is also key to picking the right hotel. As well as being guest friendly it pays to pick a hotel reasonably close to the action. If you are planning on hitting the Ladyboy bars in Bangkok and taking several dates back home with you then Sukhumvit hotels within walking distance of Nana (soi 4) are your best bet; guest friendly hotels are plentiful in this area.

If you are worried about looks and reactions you may get then avoid family hotels, guest houses and small hotels. In the bigger hotels close to Nana and Sukhumvit you’re unlikely to get any reactions; not only will these hotels typically have large and busy lobbies, but the staff will have seen it all before, and you’ll probably find many of the guests are doing exactly the same as you are.

The Alternative

If you really don’t feel comfortable taking a ladyboy back to your hotel then there is always the option of using a ‘Short time hotel’.

Short time hotels are places that rent rooms by the hour. You can find many of these around the popular adult entertainment areas and Nana Plaza even has one among the bars. However, while they are a cheap and easy alternative, you definitely get what you pay for and you can expect most short time rooms to be a little dirty/ugly/uncomfortable.

A Few Ladyboy Friendly Hotels We Recommend:

Luxury Hotels

Grande Sukhumvit

One of the top hotels in Bangkok, the Grande Sukhumvit is all about luxury and style. However, unlike most 5-star hotels around the world, this one is very much ladyboy friendly. Many of the hotel guests will be bringing girls and ladyboys to their room, and being such a large hotel with experienced and friendly staff, it’s easy to be discreet.

Located on Sukhumvit soi 6 you are just a short work from the ladyboys bars of Nana Plaza.



Aloft is one of Bangkok’s most modern and trendy hotels with stunning rooms and amazing facilities, it’s hard to find any faults. The hotel also attracts a lot of single male travelers looking for love and is known for being ladyboy/guest friendly.

Set on Sukhumvit sio 11, you’re not only at the heart of some of Bangkok’s best clubs and restaurants, but also a short walk from the nightly ladyboy street action and the ladyboy gogo bars of Nana Plaza.


Mid-Priced Hotels

Le Fenix

If you’re looking for a fun and modern hotel but the Aloft is a little out of your budget then the Le Fenix is an excellent and much cheaper alternative. Not only is Le Fenix totally ladyboy and guest friendly, but you don’t have to pass by reception or other guests to get to your room.

Location wise you are at the end of Sukhumvit soi 11, so there are plenty cool clubs and restaurants right on your doorstep, and the ladyboy action is all within a 5-10 minute walk.


Dynasty Inn Grande

Excellent value for money, great facilities, and very friendly staff, Dynasty In Grande is one of my favorite guest friendly hotels in Bangkok. The rooms are super comfy and being part of the Dynasty Group, this is very much certified as being ladyboy friendly.

Location wise you are in an ideal location, just a couple of minute walk to Soi Nana and the heart of the ladyboy action.


Budget Options

Majestic Suites

A long standing and popular ladyboy friendly hotel, you’ll have no problems bring guests back here. Magestic Suites is also of a fairly decent standard for its price, with comfortable rooms and friendly staff who won’t batter an eyelid if you decided to bring a team of Amazonian ladyboys back to your room.

You couldn’t get much closer to the ladyboy action, in fact many of the back rooms look out onto Nana Plaza while several ladyboys freelance directly in front of the hotel.


Nana Hotel

They don’t come much more guest friendly than this, the Nana Hotel is a Bangkok institution and a very high percentage of the guests staying here will be taking company back to their room. The hotel is a little rundown but it’s still of an OK standard, and if you’re purely in Bangkok to meet girls and ladyboys this is a foolproof option.

Location wise you couldn’t get any closer to the ladyboy action, located opposite the Nana Plaza and the heart of the main ladyboy action, you’re likely to find several ladyboys hanging around by the hotel entrance.


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