9 Safety Tips for Bringing a Ladyboy into Your Thailand Hotel

9 Safety Tips for Bringing a Ladyboy into Your Thailand Hotel
When you are in Thailand and have your hotel accommodation sorted – there are still a few safety tips you will want to take to insure you don’t have any problems:

1- Hide valuables and money: If you plan on taking a Ladyboy back to your room then prep the room before you go out by placing all your valuables in the safe (such as expensive phones, money, bank cards, passport, jewelry).

2- Avoid taking girls from the streets: Taking a Ladyboy from a bar or escort agency offers you a decent level of security whereas street working ladyboys tend to be far more unpredictable with a genuine risk that they may try to rob you.

3- Avoid taking anyone who seems on edge: You will find that some ladyboys take drugs and you are best to avoid anyone showing signs of strange or erratic behavior.

4- Avoid taking anyone who you suspect is underage: Your hotel may be guest friendly but they probably won’t appreciate you bring in ladyboys under 18. If in any doubt check their ID before taking them home.

5- Agree on the price before you go to the hotel: To avoid any drama in the room, make sure to agree on the amount you will give the ladyboy and how long she will stay (it is also worth mentioning any unusual services you require!).

6- Be respectful: If you really don’t want to have problems with your hotel you also need to show respect to the staff and other guests. Loud and rude behavior will certainly get you those stares you wanted to avoid and may see your guest getting denied entry to the hotel.

7- Check your guest’s ID card with reception: Always get your guest to check her ID with reception or hotel security. They will keep it and/or take a copy of her ID. This could rescue you should you have any problems with your guest.

8- Put your valuables into the safe: As well as placing your valuables in your safe before you head out for the night, it’s always a good idea to also place your wallet and any valuables you were carrying with you into the safe as soon as you enter the room.

9- Pay the ladyboy at the end: Escort agencies can be highly trusted but freelancers are far less reliable. Always pay a freelancer or bar girl after the deed is done, never before (it’s normal to pay at the end). And make sure to stick to the price you agreed beforehand, unless you changed the deal.

Follow these 9 rules and you will guarantee an amazing ladyboy sex experience in Thailand. 

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