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Where to Shop at Krabi Town

Shopping in Krabi Town won’t include luxury stores or even very many stores, but there are interesting places to browse and spend the day, and definitely enough places to get what you need when it comes to food, medicine, and clothing. There are two markets downtown as well as large department store and many small shops.

1. Krabi Town Walking Street

Every week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you will find the Krabi Town Walking Street market in business. It features many stalls that sell street food and a variety of other goods. It is open from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and attracts a large crowd. You will find handmade artisan goods here created by the local vendors. It’s a fun place to spend a couple of hours wandering.

2. Vogue Department Store

This is a three-story department store that is filled with many familiar shops and fast food restaurants as well as a large grocery store and food court. In the middle of Krabi Town, Vogue Department Store sells numerous products from toys and electronics to clothes and jewelry. There are many brand-name goods here as well as cheaper products.

3. Maharaj Market

The Maharaj Market is open every day and is officially open all day. Vendors set up early and can leave very late. Overall, the most stalls are open from about 8 a.m. There are a great deal of food and cooking ingredients here: fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, rice, spices, flowers, etc. There are tables conveniently located between stalls so that you can eat your purchases if you’re inclined to do so.

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