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Chiang Mai

7 Best Restaurants in Chiang Mai’s Night Bazarre

Chiang Mai’s Night Bazarre has far too many dining options to list, from local gems to Subway, McDonald’s and Starbucks.

To help narrow the selection, here are seven great places to eat near Chiang Mai’s Night Bazarre:

Baan Jangarpor

The setting at Baan Jangarpor—a restored, 150-year-old teak house—is the main attraction, but the local Thai dishes are a pleasure, too. Just a five-minute walk from the Night Bazarre, you’ll want to make reservations. It gets crowded.

Anusarn Food Court

A collection of small eateries featuring fresh, made-to-order dishes, heavy on seafood, which can be seen on ice or in tanks out front. Prices are reasonable.

Kao Kab Kang

Adorned with traditional local crafts and wall hangings, Ka Kab Kang is a cozy place to eat with friends.

Ouh La La

A piece of Paris in Chiang Mai, everything here is made fresh in house, from the breakfast jam to the goose liver pate. Try the Illy coffee.

Old Chiang Mai Café

A solid lunchtime destination, Thai and international cuisine is served in a quaint books and crafts store.

Whole Earth

A Thai-Indian restaurant with 30 years of history, Whole earth is set in a traditional wooden Thai house and features a large vegetarian menu.

Yaang Come Village

Offering Thai and International cuisine, you can dine inside or outside, under the Yaang Come tree.

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