Where Can You Find The Sexiest Ladyboys in Bangkok?

Where Can You Find The Sexiest Ladyboys in Bangkok
As soon as you arrive in Thailand one of the first things you’re going to notice is just how many ladyboys there are. You may even spot a few at the airport when you first arrive, or see several though your taxi window as you head to your hotel, especially if you are staying anywhere around Sukhumvit Road.

The problem for ladyboy lovers is never where to find ladyboys in Bangkok…but where to find the best. Should you head to the beer bars and gogos in the evening? Or is the best ladyboy talent to be found in the discos and late night clubs? Or how about looking for ladyboys out on the streets?

To help you on your quest for hot ladyboys here’s the our guide to finding the sexiest Thai ladyboys in Bangkok:

In the Malls

Take a ride on the Skytrain for long enough and you’re going to find yourself looking at a smoking hot ladyboy before long. Better yet, head to just about any of Bangkok’s many mega malls, especially those around Chidlom and Siam, and the ladyboys are plentiful.

I’m not just talking about ladyboys shopping and hanging out in the malls, but a high percentage of the staff at the make-up and perfume kiosks tend to be ladyboys, and usually of model quality. However, while such places are lined with beautiful ladyboys if you’re just looking to get laid (which, let’s be honest, a lot of ladyboy fans are), then you’re better off taking your admiration to the bars and gogos.

Bars & Gogos

When it comes to lady bars and gogos there’s often a noticeable difference between the two, with the hotter members of the species tending to work in the gogo bars, and the beer bars tending to lack somewhat in quality comparisons. But when it comes to the ladyboy bars and gogos in Bangkok, I’d say there’s far less of a gulf in quality.

With that said, not every ladyboy in every gogo will blow you away, the quality really does vary from bar to bar, and it’s also worth noting that some of the sexiest ladyboys will be bar fined early, or taken for days at a time. Nana Plaza’s True Obsession is known by many as being the bar with the sexiest ladyboys in town, although 2 floors above, Charades gives it a run for its money, especially if you like the more Amazonian type. Check Inn Bar just off Sukhumvit soi 7 is perhaps the beer bar with the hottest ladyboy crew right now, you can certainly find some very sexy and playful young ladyboys here.


Taking ladyboys from the streets is always more about budget or seediness than quality. The general quality of Bangkok’s street working ladyboys tends to be low compared to the better bars, but you can find the occasional stunner, especially around Sukhumvit Road between sois 3 and 15.

You will also find that the above mentioned area of Sukhumvit will see a wave of higher quality ladyboys from about 2am, as the many nearby bars and gogos close, with many ladyboys not quite ready to go home alone.

Night Clubs

If you aren’t a big fan of the bar scene and don’t like the idea of cruising the streets for talent, hitting the clubs is a decent alternative.

Ladyboys can be found in most of the discos in town, from the gay clubs of Silom to the young tourist dancehalls around Khao San Road, but if you are looking for a sure thing the clubs around Sukhumvit Road are your best bet, often home to a mix of freelancers and college ladyboys looking for a foreign lover.

Climax, Mixx, and Spicy are all known for their freelance actions and are a great place to start, they are also open until well into the night, long after the bars close. However, the quality and quantity of ladyboys here is never a sure thing, and a lot can depend on the day of the week (with weekends obviously being your best bet).

To Summarize

The general talent of Bangkok ladyboys is pretty amazing, and wherever you choose to search you shouldn’t be disappointed. If you are short on time and only have a night or two to spare I’d start with the gogos in Nana Plaza, you probably won’t find a bigger collection of hot ladyboy anywhere else in the world (perhaps only Pattaya’s Walking Street can compare).

If you want to really do a quality survey on Bangkok’s ladyboy talent try doing a bar crawl through Nana’s 5 ladyboy gogos (Charades, Obsession, Casanova, Temptations, Voodoo) and then follow the wave of ladyboys heading to the Sukhumvit street bars after closing time. Check out the freelance action along sukhumvit road, drinking at the many street bars, and take a look at Check Inn Bar just off soi . If you’re still in party mode after this, jump in a taxi and head to Climax or Spicy for a nightcap, but I’d be very surprised if you haven’t already fallen in love several times over by this stage!

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