How To Live in Paradise

What you’re going to get with our Awesome Live in Thailand book:

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  • 8 Kick Ass Chapters
  • Over 20,000 Words on How to Live Like a King in Paradise

Here is the breakdown:

7 Kick Butt Step-by-Step Sections

  • Section #1:


    Why you need to read this book and what makes Koh Samui the perfect place for living in Thailand.

  • Section #2:

    Housing Options:

    Details including pros and cons for the 6 best long term apartment options on Samui

  • Section #3:


    We detail the best, easiest, and cheapest modes of transportation on Samui

  • Section #4:

    Restaurants, Thai Recommendations and More

  • Section #5:

    Thai Visa Information:

    Everything you need to know about staying long term in Thailand legally.

  • Section #6:

    Koh Samui Nightlife – PARTY TIME:

    Where and how to meet and take up the hottest Thai girls.

  • Section #7:


    Never before seen insider tips on Samui. Ranging from drugs, fitness, ladyboys, activities, and more.

3 Holy $%@ Guides To Thailand

Live in Thailand Book#1: Koh Samui Lifestyle Guide – How to live in Thailand for under $1,500 dollars a month. This book gives you everything you need to live in Thailand.
Make Money in Thailand Book#2: Make Money in Thailand – This is our no bullshit guide on how you can make money on with your laptop while living in paradise.
Thai Hooker Book#3: Thai Hookers 101 – The controversial #1 Best Seller – What you MUST know about SEX and prostitutes before traveling to Thailand!

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