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5 Fun Activities for Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach isn’t the busiest spot in the world, but there are several activities to engage in that will add fun, entertainment, and even learning to your stay. Take a class, play on the water, or simply drink and dine at the relaxing bars and restaurants.

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes with master teachers are available to guests at the Indigo Pearl as well as Dewa Resort. Book private sessions twenty-four hours in advance and learn wonderful yoga moves to relax and refresh your spirit and work out your body. Prices typically range from 1,000 to 1,800 baht for each class.

Thai Cooking Classes

A visit to Nai Yang Beach means the perfect opportunity to enroll in a Thai cooking class at a resort. If you have ever admired Thai cuisine’s fine combinations of flavors and spices, sign up and learn from expert teachers. Some classes even visit the local markets and so learn how to put together a Thai meal from start to finish. You must book in advance, so ask around as soon as your arrive or call ahead at one of the several resorts in Nai Yang.

Spas and Massages

A visit to one of Nai Yang Beach’s spas will relieve your stress and give you the chance to take advantage to some wonderful Thai and western beauty treatments. Although the spas in Nai Yang are a little expensive, they are also high-quality and staffed by dedicated staff. From Thai massages to facial scrubs, you will find what you need to refresh and look your best in Nai Yang.

Massage Classes

Learn some massage techniques yourself by taking a class while in Nai Yang. There are several top spas in and around Nai Yang Beach that offer classes (with twenty-four hour advanced booking) that will teach you some tips and tricks for giving a great massage.

Kite Boarding (Kitesurfing)

Try kitesurfing in Nai Yang Beach through Kiteboarding Asia, who will provide great lessons to beginners and experts alike. You will learn important safety tips and learn to improve your balance and maneuvering skills. Let the wind pull you across the water and have some fun learning a new skill while you hang out at Nai Yang. Head to Nai Yang Beach Resort to sign-up and get more information.

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