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Q & A | Help, I’m Coming to Thailand On a Budget

Hey GoT,

I finally had it and I want to come see Thailand. I bought my ticket, and I’ll be there in 2 weeks. The thing is, I’m a recent graduate so buying the ticket already set me back a lot. I saw your “3 days in Pattaya” article, which you said prepare to spend $1000. After that, I’ll have like $750 left for the other 5 days I’m going to be there (8 days total).

Can you make any hotel/restaurant recommendations for student on $150/day budget? I want to see the natural treasures of Thailand such as landscape, temples, historic sites, etc. when I’m done with Pattaya.

Thank you very much in advance for your time!

Hey ******,

Get ready for your life to change! I’ll never forget my first trip to Thailand and that didn’t even include my first trip to Pattaya. (The 9 – 5 life never seemed the same after those three days in Pattaya.)


If you go all out in Pattaya, you can expect it to cost around $1,000. However, most of my trips tend to cost about half that. Remember, Thailand is a cheap place to vacation. There’s just something great about Pattaya that makes you want to kick it up a notch.

The Rest of Your Trip:

You can easily have a blast after Pattaya and stay within your budget, but the rest will ultimately depends on what you want to experience in Thailand.

If you like beautiful beaches and sheer beauty, head to Phi Phi Islands (Koh Phi Phi Don).

If you like the city life, go to Bangkok. If you’re in Bangkok you will want to stay in a hotel located between Sukhumvit Soi 2 and Sukumvit Soi 15

If you like classic Thai culture, head up north to Chiang Mai and Pai. I don’t have many recommendations for Chiang Mai, but you’ll want to stay near the Night Bazaar.

If you like a good mixture of the three, fly to Samui. This island was known as my second home for many years. It has good beaches, great nightlife, and classic Thai culture throughout the island. If you go to Samui, stay along Chaweng Beach. Try to stay as close to “Ark Bar” as possible. (You’ll thank me later.)

As far as hotel recommendations, there are no shortages of hotels from 1 star to 5 stars. Quite a few nice hotels will range from 30 – 60 dollars a night.

Some websites to check out for booking:

Besides that, as you know our website has some very useful information.

A little advice though, don’t try to plan out every minute of your trip. Some places you’ll like better than others.

This is the time in your life that you can just “go with it” and do whatever the hell you want.

Enjoy paradise,
-Gods of Thailand

P.S. One final warning, don’t buy any kind of drugs from the Thais in high tourist areas. I’ve heard countless stories of Americans who stayed on Khao San Road and bought weed from Thais.

Only to find out the Thais work for the police and the Americans had to pay $2,000 to buy their way out of jail.

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