Dirty Soapy Body Massages in Thailand

“There are massages and then there are MASSAGES!”
-Kings of Thailand

If there is one thing in life that every man should experience, this is it.  The Thai Soapy Massage is simply one of the most memorable sexual experiences you’ll have in your lifetime.

What is a Soapy Body Massage
A Soapy Body Message, also known as a “Soapy” is something every man should try at least once.

This Is How It Works:

1- You walk into the establishment and are seated in a nice comfortable chair.  In front of you is a glass window where 15 to 50 girls are sitting in stadium style seating on the other side of the glass. (This is known as the “fish bowl”).  Each girl is wearing either a bikini or sexy lingerie and has a number attached to them.

2- You order a drink and look at your options.  Once you choose a girl, she will come out and have a drink with you.  If she passes your inspection, let the manager know that you want her.

3- The girl will take you to a private room.  In the room you will find a large bed next to a Jacuzzi bathtub.  She will sit you down and start preparing a bubble bath.

4- You both will take off your clothes and step into the bathtub where she will begin to clean you.

In the bathtub, she will do whatever you want.  But I recommend that you wait for her to prepare the air mattress.

5- This is where the actual body to body massage takes place.  She will move you to the air mattress which is covered with warm foam and bubbles.  She lathers both of you with bubbles and proceeds to rub her body onto yours in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

This will be one of the greatest experiences of your life.

Sexy Bangkok Escort Thai Girls

6- You can then do whatever you want with her, where ever you want.  Some prefer the bathtub, others will stay on the air mattress, while others will move to the bed.

7- You’ll have 90 to 120 minutes with the girl.  If you need some time to recharge your batteries before your second “shot”, no problem.  Just have her give you a traditional Thai oil massage until you recover for another round.

How Much Does It Cost
The price varies depending on where you are in Thailand, but it will normally range between 2000 – 3500 baht (60 – 100usd).

Soapy Massages in Bangkok:
1- Annies Body Massage
2- LaBelle Entertainment
3- Poseidon Body Massage

Soapy Massages in Pattaya:
1- Sabai Dee Body Massage
2- Sabai Room Body Massage
3- Sabai Land Body Massage

Soapy Massages in Chiang Mai:
1- Sayuri Massage Parlor
2- Ping Payom Massage Parlor

How Soapy Body Massage Girls Make Money
The girls are paid 500 – 1000 baht (15 – 20usd) per “massage” which will last anywhere from 90 – 120 minutes.

It’s common courtesy to tip 300 – 500 baht (10 – 15usd) if you are pleased with your girl.

KoT Advice
If you have a little extra money to spend, chose two girls instead of one.  There is nothing quite like a “menage a trios” to put a smile on your face.

The best way to set this up is to pick one girl from the “fish bowl” and have a drink with her.  Ask her to help you pick the second girl.

Hint: It will be a lot more fun if the girls are friends. 

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  1. Rutvik 4 months ago

    Anal sex is possible with a soapy massage girl……?????

    • Rutvik 4 months ago

      Plzz give me answer guys….if anybody knows…..

      • Gods of Thailand 4 months ago

        It will depend on the girl. Most will say no, but some will say yes if there is extra money involved.

        • Rutvik 4 months ago

          Aproximately how much they ask and how to talk with her or parlour’s manager….?????

          • Gods of Thailand 4 months ago

            Start off by offering 500 baht extra, then work your way up.

    • Gods of Thailand 4 months ago

      Good question. One that I don’t personally have the answer for

  2. c r bhukta 5 months ago

    very nice place and very nice beaviour more than exception we r getting from bangkok and pattaya peapul next year again we will go to thailand please notify me about various places of thailand

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  4. loveboyliveboy 6 months ago

    i want full fun from thai girls for 5 days. i visit thai during october 2013. plz give the entertainment u can provide with tariff. if acceptable i shall reply back.

  5. peterg 7 months ago


    thanks for all the great info on your site.

    Since I have never been to a soapy massage I would like to ask if they let you have a second ending in case your first one happened early?

    • Kings of Thailand 7 months ago

      Most Soapys in Thailand will let you have two happy endings.

  6. englishman46 8 months ago

    I highly recommend going to Sabai Dee soapy massage in Pattaya lady number 166 was awesome and it was definately in the top 3 sexual experiences of my life ! I suspect the two 100mg Ka magr a tablets i took helped as well LOL

    If you’ve never had a soapy massage you gotta go and get one they are awesome

    • Kings of Thailand 8 months ago

      Hey Buddy,

      Thanks for the tip. Next time I’m in Pattaya, I’ll keep an eye out for #166

  7. Farang 8 months ago

    Dude, ************ copied your material again!….they did a dirty soapy massage bit 2 days after you did this one.

    • Kings of Thailand 8 months ago

      Yep, it’s not the first time

  8. BH 8 months ago


    • Kings of Thailand 8 months ago

      For something a little more upscale, go to LaBelle Entertainment or Posidon in Bangkok. Though out of the two, I’d recommend LaBelle.